Yarn Pom Pom Heart Necklace

Pom pom heart necklaceHey Y’all! I am so excited  to share this adorable heart yarn pom pom necklace with you today!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, so it is important to me to get my little ones excited, as well.  My girls love jewelry, so I knew they would fall in love with these yarn pom pom heart necklaces. I couldn’t believe how easy they were to make, too!

Heart pom pom necklaceSupplies needed to make your own yarn pom pom heart necklace:

pom pom necklace suppliesStep One: These first few steps will show you how to make a yarn pom pom with a pom pom maker.  I used the smallest one that came in the package.  You don’t have to have this fancy tool, but it was such a huge help and really maintained an even pom pom.  I also thought the directions on the package did a great job of explaining how to thread the pom pom maker.  Once you get it threaded, you will start to wind your yarn from the middle and then to one side.  It should look like the picture below.  You will then wrap the other side and go back to the middle.  Do this three times total to have a nice full pom pom.

step oneStep Two: Once you have everything wound tight, you will clip the yarn on the left and bring both loose ends from the right and left and tie them together.  This is going to be the middle portion and the base of the pom pom.

tiedStep Three: Now it is time to cut your pom pom.  Simply take your scissors and cut along the pathway on the middle top of the pom pom maker.

cut Step Four: Tighten the tied ends and tie them again to keep all of the yarn in place.  You should not have a pom pom with two longer strings.

pom pomStep Five: Now it is time  to shape the pom pom into a heart.  I held it at the top and clipped a ‘V’ at the bottom of the pom pom.  You will then go back and trim away until you like the heart shape that you have sculpted.

heart cutAll you have to do now is take your two long strings and tie the heart to the necklace.  You are done!

long shot ps_edited-1


  1. Maria Chuy Soto says

    wow, I make my own using a cardboard circle I make myself, I had no idea they have special tools to make pom poms


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