Faux Moss Personalized Heart Valentine

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and if you are anything like us, we sometimes struggle with what to get that special someone. You want a gift that is both creative and meaningful, which is a difficult combination. So, we think we have created that elusive combination with these faux moss personalized heart valentines

Moss heart Valentine - Crafts UnleashedThese little valentines turned out so sweet and we love the rustic and simple look. They are perfect to hang from a simple tree limb in a vase or to embellish your special Valentine’s Day gift. Let’s get started…

Supplies needed to make your own faux moss personalized heart valentine:

Faux Moss Personalized Heart ValentineStart by simply brushing the gel stain onto the wooden heart cutout. Make sure to also stain the sides and back. Allow to dry fully. TIP: Use your hairdryer on the cool setting to speed up the drying time!

Faux Moss Personalized Heart ValentineNext, you will use the Flower Soft High tack Glue to write the initials on the wooden heart. The tip of the glue is pointed and makes writing the initials not too difficult. It is very thick and easy to control.

Faux Moss Personalized Heart ValentineNow you will take the Flower Soft and gently sprinkle it over the glue initials. We placed a paper plate underneath to catch the excess so that we could reuse it.

Faux Moss personalized heart ornamentNow you will gently pour the excess Flower Soft onto the plate and tap the back of the heart to get the remainder of the excess Flower Soft off of the initials. TIP: Use a clean, soft makeup brush to very carefully brush off any remaining Flower Soft from the wooden heart.

Faux Moss Personalized Heart ValentineWe just loved how these were turning out! The Flower Soft is so easy to work with and created little faux moss initials. Take a look at how these moss initials look from the side, the texture and raised look add to the charm of these little heart valentines.

faux Moss personlized heart ornamentThe final step is to attach little hanging loops of the baker’s twine on the back with your hot glue and glue gun. We simply looped about 7 inches of baker’s twine over and tied a knot about 1 inch from the end, and then glue it onto the back of the heart. We made a heart for each member of our family.

Faux Moss Personalized heart ornamentsWe love the vintage feel of these little faux moss personalized heart valentines. They reminded us of a simple time in life…imagine carving your initials is a tree with your sweetie!

Faux Moss Personalized Heart ValentineWe plan on giving these to our husbands for Valentine’s Day! They would be perfect as an ornament, gift tag, or just to set out. We could also see these being used at weddings and anniversary celebrations.

Heart Valentine - Crafts UnleashedSo, have you decided on what to make for that special someone in your life for Valentine’s Day? These little moss heart valentines would make a sentimental statement in a very simple, yet personal way.

Have a Wonderful Day!


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    Where would I find sift moss? This is the first I’ve ever heard if it, unless I’ve seen it and just don’t realize… Really cute craft!


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