DIY Valentine’s Day Canvas Bunting

Love bunting - Crafts UnleashedI don’t normally decorate for Valentine’s Day. BUT. Have you seen these canvas bunting pieces? They make my heart pitter-patter. They were just calling out to be made into Valentine’s Day bunting. And I kept the bunting neutral enough that I won’t mind leaving it up after the holiday.

Supplies needed to make your own canvas bunting:

CU banner01Step 1: Cut a piece of fabric and a piece of interfacing to the sizes you need. Follow the directions on the fabric interfacing package for sizing.

Step 2: Iron the pieces together following the package directions. FYI: This is sooo easy! I thought there might be a learning curve to this medium but it was totally easy to do and I was thrilled with the results.

Step 3: Cut your design with the Cameo. You are supposed to use a fabric blade and a thicker mat, but since I had really thin fabric and wanted to try it out before I purchased a fabric blade, I used my regular blade. Just this once! And it worked well.

CU Vday banner stepsStep 4: Position your cut-out images onto the bunting and iron down.

Step 5: Decorate two end bunting pieces however you’d like. I painted hearts with acrylic paint.

Step 6: Punch holes on either side of your bunting pieces. If you don’t have a tool that can punch holes through canvas, you can hot glue them to your string.

Step 7: String it up! And you are done.

I hung the banner in our little husband-wife area in the dining room. That’s our wedding day photo, vintage maps of the state we grew up in and the state we live in now and a dictionary page with our initials on it.

Love bunting 2- Crafts UnleashedI love this little setup! I feel like the bunting adds a dose of fun and whimsy. Also, I love these bunting pieces as gift wrap embellishments!

What do you think? Have you tried the heat transfer fabric interfacing?

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