DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but it seems like my style changes every year. As much as I would like to buy new holiday decor every year, it’s not very budget-friendly. With new styles and color themes changing every year, I usually like the new trends and decorate accordingly. To avoid breaking the bank, I make most of my decor, which is not only cost-effective but adds a personal touch to our home and Christmas tree. These glittery grapevine rustic Christmas ornaments match my theme perfectly this year and they’re super easy to make!

Rustic-Christmas-Ornaments-Crafts-Unleashed-1Supplies needed to make your own rustic Christmas ornaments:

snow ornamentI began by covering the ornament with Aleene’s glitter snow using a popsicle stick. It wasn’t perfect, much like fallen snow on a twig. I just scraped it down onto the ball and filled in some areas a bit heavier. I was actually impressed with the faux snow, it was my first time working with it and I can’t wait to make a few more Christmas crafts with it.

ornament 1After the faux snow was dry, I covered it in glitter. You can do this by spraying it with glitter spray or spray adhesive and loose glitter.

snowy ornamentIt gave these rustic Christmas ornaments a bit of a sparkle while keeping the rustic feel I’m going for with my decor.

Thread a piece of jute cord through an opening in the grapevine and tie in a bow. It’s now ready for hanging!

Rustic-Christmas-Ornaments-Crafts-Unleashed-2 I’m excited to cover my tree with these rustic Christmas ornaments, burlap, and other glittery ornaments this year!

Are you excited to start decorating for the holidays? I’ve been having a hard time holding off on putting up my decor until after Thanksgiving! :)

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Crystal is the crafter and writer behind She’s a wife, SAHM and crafty blogger who spends most of her days trying to balance all three roles while still squeezing in time for crafting. She enjoys creating on a budget and taking something from blah to fabulous with quick and easy tutorials. She is passionate about living a creative lifestyle and loves sharing a variety of DIY projects, paper crafts, and recipes.


  1. Juanell says

    Crystal and kim m, love the balls. Ive used the spray adhesive on pinecones (to put glitter on them) then i spray aleenes sealer so they r not sticky!

  2. Kim M says

    Love these, Crystal! Do you think that the glitter would just stick to the faux snow if you glittered it before the snow dries? (Yes… I’m a lazy crafter who is always looking for shortcuts! Haha.)

    P.S. I’m with you on changing things up every year. If you were closer, I’d invite you to join our ornament exchange. We bring the things we know we don’t want to use on our tree, and “shop” the whole table to put together new looks. Sometimes, we end up taking our own things back home because we’ve discovered new ways to use them with the addition of a few key pieces from someone else. It’s lots of fun. :-)


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