DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

If y’all read my personal blog, you know that I am in love with mason jars.  I jumped at the chance to play with the mason jar solar lids on ConsumerCrafts for a project.  These DIY mason jar solar lights are perfect for all winter long.  Just add different fill to the inside for all seasons.

Mason-jar-solar-lights-Crafts-Unleashed-1These would also be a fun addition to any outdoor decor, or even lighting for a winter party.

Mason-jar-solar-lights-Crafts-Unleashed-4Supplies needed to make your own mason jar solar lights:supply2

DIY Mason jar solar lantern for all winterYour solar light will come packaged as shown above.  You will need to remove the pull tab for the light to work, and charge it for a few hours in the sun prior to use.

DIY Mason jar solar lantern for all winterI made two versions of the winter solar light.  The first version uses snow “paint” and is more permanent than the second version.

DIY Mason jar solar lantern for all winterUse a foam pouncer brush and add glitter snow randomly to the jar.  Allow to dry completely before continuing.

DIY Mason jar solar lantern for all winterThe second version just involves adding loose snow to the bottom of your jar.  This is the non-permanent version that will be easy to change with the seasons.  Because the light is in the top and does not get hot, adding items to the jar is fun and easy.

Mason-jar-solar-lights-Crafts-Unleashed-2To make the jars into lanterns, you’ll need the wire and some pliers.  First, start with adding a loop with your pliers.

DIY Mason jar solar lantern for all winterPlace the wire around your jar mouth and get the location for your second loop, which should be directly across from your first.

DIY Mason jar solar lantern for all winterPlace a second loop in your wire and then stretch it around the mouth of the jar.  Use the pliers to secure, twisting very tightly.

DIY Mason jar solar lantern for all winterCut off any excess and bend the twisted wire down to avoid injury.

DIY Mason jar solar lantern for all winterUse a second wire to create a handle by putting it through the loops and twisting to secure.

DIY Mason jar solar lantern for all winterThese quick and easy DIY mason jar solar lights are now ready to display! I love the way they light up the night.

Mason-jar-solar-lights-Crafts-Unleashed-3Grab your solar light mason jar lids and other supplies from ConsumerCrafts to make your own lanterns today.

diy-mason-jar-solar-light-collageWill you use snow inside your jars?  What other items can you see in the bottom of these fun lights?

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  1. Jodi Mcdaniel says

    Thanks for the great idea. I didn’t think of putting my own wire on. I am going to try this with plastic jars. I want them as night lights for the kids when camping.


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