How-To: Mason Jar Luminaries

Today, I’ll show you how to make these pretty luminaries to add a little extra sparkle to your holiday decor. You can create your own designs using your  favorite stencils – or making your own!

Mason-jar-luminaries-Crafts-UnleashedI originally tried to use a glass etching process, however the green tint on the glass prevents the etching cream from working properly, so instead, I’ll show you how to make an etched-look using Mod Podge and fine glitter. Let’s get started!

Supplies needed to make your own mason jar luminaries:

Step 1: If you would like to make your own stencils, layer painter’s tape onto wax or parchment paper, cut out your design and adhere it to the mason jar. You can also use your cutting machine to create a stencil by layering painter’s tape directly onto your cutting machine mat, cut out a design, peel off the tape and then place on the mason jar. I used a cutting blade to freehand cut the tree design, but used my cutting machine to make the snowflake design. Both stencils worked really well.

Step 2: Adhere your stencil on to the jar, make sure all the edges are firmly adhered to the glass.

Place a design stencil on the glassStep 3: With your paint brush, generously apply a coat of Mod Podge.

Apply Mod Podge to the stencil design on the mason jarStep 4: Quickly remove the tape stencil and sprinkle glitter on the design. Allow to dry.

Note: I suggest removing the stencil BEFORE you apply the glitter and allow to dry, so that the design does not pull or tear along with the tape.

Remove the stencil and apply glitter to the Mod PodgeStep 5: If you have areas of the design that appear to need extra glitter, use a small paint brush to carefully apply more Mod Podge and then apply more glitter.

Add a candle and your holiday mason jar luminary decor will sparkleThere are a number of ways to make a wire handle for your luminary, this is what I have found to work the best for me.

Step 1: Wrap the wire around the neck of the jar, where you would like the handle to sit, note the measurement.

Step 2: Add a little notch in the wire on the opposite side of the loop opening.

Make a wire handle for your luminaryStep 3: Holding the wire away from the jar, wrap one end around the wire to “tie off” the loop. Before you tighten the loop to the actual desired size, place the wire ring back on to your jar.

Attach the wire handle to your luminaryStep 4: Bend the wire at the tied off location and pull up wire to create a handle, wrapping the end and tie through the notch on the opposite side.

You luminary will look beautiful on your mantel for the holidays!

If you’d like to place your luminaries outside, make sure all your materials are weather resistant. I chose to use the Outdoor Mod Podge both as a base coat and a top coat for the glitter. You could use a spray sealer as well to ensure your luminaries are weather proof. I hung  these luminaries on my arbor, I think they’d look so pretty there!

Mason jar luminaries look pretty outside too


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