Honeycomb-Embossed Aluminum Christmas Ornament

I love dry embossing. Embossing folders create such beautiful patterns, especially on certain materials. Aluminum is the perfect material for embossing. The designs turn out crisp and bold. Check out that honeycomb pattern – isn’t that perfection?

Honeycomb-Christmas-ornament-Crafts-UnleashedThere are many ways to use this technique, but today we will use it to make Christmas ornaments. Let’s get started!

honeycomb aluminum ornament final2Supplies needed to make your own honeycomb-embossed Christmas ornament:

honeycomb aluminum ornament01Step 1: Trace around the wooden circle onto the back of the aluminum sheet.

Step 2: Cut the aluminum circle out. Don’t cut right on your traced line, leave a little space outside the line.

TIP: As you cut the aluminum, be careful! The edges aren’t too sharp to work with but you could get cut. Consider wearing gloves for extra protection.

honeycomb aluminum ornament step 1 & 2Step 3: Place the aluminum circle between the honeycomb embossing folder and the adapter mats. Then, roll it through the Cuttlebug.

honeycomb aluminum ornament step 3Step 4: Adhere the aluminum circle to the wooden circle. I used an adhesive glue runner, which worked perfectly. You could use hot glue but it will likely leave some bumps in the design. Again, be careful handling the aluminum edges.

Step 5: Remember the extra room you left when you cut out the aluminum circle? Use that to cover the edges of your wooden circle. Instead of using your fingers to push the edge of the aluminum down, just press the edge against your crafting surface, making your way around the circle. 

TIP: In hindsight, I realized how to create a professional finish. When cutting out the aluminum circle, instead of cutting on your traced line, leave a large gap. Then, when you fold the aluminum over the wooden circle, it will cover a lot of the back of the Christmas ornament. You could place a circle of card stock over that and it would completely hide your edges!

honeycomb aluminum ornament step 4&5Step 6: Attach a bow to the front of the Christmas ornament. (For a tutorial on making perfect bows, see my recent post.)

Step 7: Create a ribbon loop and glue it to the back of the ornament.

honeycomb aluminum ornament step 6&7What do you think? Isn’t the design stunning on that aluminum Christmas ornament?

honeycomb aluminum ornament final5The possibilities are endless with this technique. You could paint or ink the aluminum, use a variety of designs, change up the ribbon, use a different base shape, etc.

Honeycomb-Christmas-ornament-Crafts-Unleashed-2What would you do with this technique?

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  1. Sarah says

    I was quite surprised to see this project on your site this morning as I had just come in from spray painting MY metal circles using the very same embossing plate! I use them as elements on my hand-made greeting cards, have made earrings, and used them as parts of necklaces…and now I have another use for them!

    I suggest recycling empty aluminum soda or beer cans for the metal (it’s FREE!). Using a heavier-duty (craft-type) scissors, carefully cut off the top and bottom of the can, then cut down one side to make a flat sheet of metal. Trim off any sharp shards for safety. They cut and emboss very easily using Sizzix dies and dry embossing folders. They spray paint nicely as well. I sometimes spray paint them then highlight the embossing using rub-on metallic paste.

    I have tried to use gloves when cutting the cans, but found them to be too bulky to work with. If you’re careful and pay attention to what you’re doing, you should be able to do this without cutting yourself.

    I sometimes cover the finished circle with embossing ink and powder and heat emboss them. I used white embossing powder with a bit of glitter/sparkle in it last night ,and they resemble snow balls.

  2. JaneEllen says

    I have several rolls of the metal, seeing this project gives me a great use for all that metal. I have a Big shot and some embossing folders so will be getting all out to see what I can do with it. This is so great, the honeycomb design looks so pretty on that aluminum. At least now I can get some use out of my die machine. Haven’t used it for months. Great post/project. Happy Thanksgiving


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