Customizable Butter Mold

Your holiday menu is set, the linens are pressed and the centerpieces are assembled. What’s the final touch to your perfectly arranged table? A customizable butter mold, of course. Whether you use the finest china or paper plates, your guests are sure to enjoy this fun presentation!

Butter molds have been used for centuries but the antique ones can be pricey, hard to find and difficult to work with. With this quick tutorial you can make your own mold with just a few craft supplies from Consumer Crafts and some standard household materials. From design to size, everything is customizable. Your choices are only limited by your imagination!

Supplies needed to make your own DIY butter mold:


1. Decide what shape you want your butter to be and find small household containers to fit this shape. Each mold will need two containers – make sure that one is smaller than the other so that you can press it into the molding compound. I used two small loaf pans for the rectangular butter shape. For a circular mold, I used a measuring cup and a glass ramekin.

I know this step may sound confusing but just look at the pictures and you’ll see what I mean. (If you’re wondering what the popsicle sticks are for, I used them to stop my container from reaching the bottom. Might be necessary if your containers are close in size.)

2. Add decorative elements to the container that you will be making your mold from. I used Thickers Foam Stickers to write out “peace” but you can do pretty much anything. Just don’t make it too detailed. I tried to use a flower brooch on the round mold but it didn’t take and came out looking like just a blob on top of the butter. Learn from my mistakes and go simple!

3. Following the manufacture’s instructions, mix together the  Precious Impressions® Precious Gel Mold Making Powder. One cup of the powder worked well for the rectangular mold, 1/2 worked for the circular mold. Quickly pour into mold!

4. Press embellished container into mold making compound and wait for it to turn white. It’s like magic!

5. Once the mold making compound has solidified, carefully pull out the embellished container. You have officially made a customized butter mold!

6. All you have to do now is press some softened butter into your mold and put it in the coldest section of your fridge for about half an hour. I would suggest keeping the mold in the larger container to maintain it’s shape. To remove butter, take the mold out of it’s container and invert over a butter dish. Press the top and sides in gently to pop the butter out.

Of course, your butter art doesn’t have to end when the holiday wrapping paper is thrown away! I’d love to see this done with an elegant monogram for a wedding. Or what about using a Han Solo in Carbonite toy to make the mold?! A buttery version of Han would be absolutely amazing on so many levels!

I tell you, the possibilities are endless. What would you do for a butter mold?

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  1. Sara says

    Is there a reason why you can’t just put the stickers backwards in the bottom of the smooth rectangle pan and use that as the butter mold itself? Spray it with something maybe so it will come out easily? Just thinking out loud.

  2. Ingrid says

    This is such a great idea! I will use this idea to make little butter moulds with the name of our b&b on it! Might add some other bits and pieces e.g. flowers! Thank you so much!

  3. Vanessa says

    Dawn, the mold making package says that it’s food safe so you’re good to go!
    Rebecca, I think I made one of those too!
    Becki, I’m so glad you got the Star Wars reference. Don’t forget to share pictures with us on FB if you do make one!

  4. Rebecca - Soap Deli News Blog says

    I remember making butter “stamps” from clay as a kid in elementary school. We’d shade them then the art teacher would fire them. They were made out of red earthenware clay. These are definitely a lot more nifty though!


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