Craft Stick Christmas Trees

If you are looking for an inexpensive Christmas craft that is great for kids, I have the answer for you!

Craft Stick Christmas Trees!

They are easy to customize to any color scheme by switching up the colors of the paint.

Supplies needed to create your own stick Christmas tree crafts:

The first thing you will need to do is gather your craft sticks. You will need six sticks per tree. One for the center trunk, and five “branches.”

Next, you will need to trim your “branches.”

Using your pliers, snip off the ends of each craft stick. Make sure you have the craft sticks up against the cutting area of the pliers.

Then trim the sticks so they are graduated in length.

If the pliers left rough edges, you can hit them with some sandpaper to smooth them down.

Then paint the five “branches.”

I used two coats of paint.

Continue painting all of your trees, and allow the paint to dry.

Admire your colorful mess.

When the paint has dried, start gluing your “branches” to the middle trunk using your hot glue gun.

I glued mine a little crooked on purpose. I liked having angles for visual interest.

When all of the “branches” are secured to the trunk, add some glue to the bottom of the trunk:

and insert the trunk into the hole in the spool.

Add glue to the top of the spool, and while the glue is still hot (work quickly!) add excelsior to the spool.

Excelsior is crazy! It is all different lengths. Trim it down where it needs it.

Add more excelsior if you need it to fill in holes.

Using puffy paint, dab “ornaments” onto your tree.

Continue with the “ornaments” until you are happy with the way it looks.

Add a star to the top of your tree.

I made my star using silver Glitter Silk Core’dinations Cardstock, and this (link below) tutorial for folding a 3D paper star.


Allow your finished tree to sit undisturbed for the puffy paint to dry. (Directions say four hours dry time.)

Repeat for as many trees as you would like to create!

Enjoy your festive craft stick creations!

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    These are sooooo cute!! I was going to make something similar with the little’s yesterday but needed some inspiration. Now I have it!

    xoxo, Tanya


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