Sparkle Soda: Simple Embellishment for a Fun Gift

There are lots of everyday occasions to give someone a little surprise that doesn’t break the bank. Use this idea to take someone’s favorite beverage and make it extra special! For mom or dad? A teacher? A BFF? Everyone has a treat beverage of choice. I think this would be such a fun gift to find in the spot where the less-glitzy beverages usually hang out!

craft-gems-sparkle-sodaAll that’s required? Just two things:

These adhesive craft gems come on sheets ready to peel and stick, in a variety of colors and sizes.

sparkle soda crafterhours 1The smaller the gem, the more fiddly the application, but even these tiny round gems weren’t too hard to handle. And they’re easy to remove and re-stick if you want to adjust a bit.

sparkle soda crafterhours 2I like the look of the clear/silver gems on the similarly silver areas of the cans, so depending on the colors on your container you may want to match or contrast the colors of the gems. Just keep sticking until you’re happy with the coverage.

sparkle soda crafterhours 4A fun surprise to leave in the fridge for your favorite person of the day, right? Or include it in a basket of goodies for a special occasion.

sparkle soda crafterhours 5Apply just a few or cover the whole container– I’d just keep them away from the area the recipient will use to drink!

sparkle soda crafterhours 6


  1. Crystal says

    Couldn’t you use hot glue and just make it look like drops of condensation? It’d be cheaper. Hot glue and glitter, or foil.

    • says

      In my experience hot glue is best used where it doesn’t show, like for sticking things together. It likes to make points and leave strings that aren’t smooth. But hey, there are probably a million variations on this look. Try whatever you like and just let this be a point of inspiration!

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