DIY Spring ‘Bloom’ Gift Bag

With Spring well on its way, I am excited to plant flowers and a garden and hopefully enjoy a little warm weather soon!  So with a few simple supplies, I created a perfect spring gift bag idea for a neighbor, a friend, a wedding (or baby) favor or even for your mom for Mother’s Day!  Or, just because!  This ‘Bloom’ gift bag is a perfect way to brighten up someone’s day and the best part is that it was simple to make and not too expensive either!


I found the cutest little pots with flower seeds to put inside my gift bag and in a few minutes I made several of these gift bags ready to give to friends and neighbors!  (And I might be saving one for my mom for mother’s day too!  Sshhh!)

I just love how these look like Spring!!  They are so bright and fun and beautiful!  And they look like a spent a lot of money on a beautiful custom gift bag.

Bloom Gift Bag

Supplies needed to make your own Bloom Gift Bag: supply2

Supplies for Bloom Bag

Unless you have great handwriting (which I do not) you will want to use this trick to get great handwriting on your bag!  Simply print “Bloom” off of your computer and then place it inside your bag.  Use your calligraphy pen to trace your word onto your bag!

Bloom Printed Words

You don’t need to have great handwriting to pen this bag beautifully! I used Alex Brush font for my “Bloom.”

Write Bloom with Calligraphy Pen

Next you will carefully open your bag.  Take the front and fold it in half lengthwise, careful not to get any of the back of the bag in your fold.

Then use your punch to punch your design into the top portion of your white kraft bag.

Punch Cut Out

Finally I took a square of yellow card-stock and applied it behind the back of the punched out area using double sided tape.

At this point you can insert your gift into your bag.  I used cute little flower pots but seed packets would also be a great gift idea!

Then I punched a hole in the top of my bag and used a piece of yellow hemp cord to secure the bag together.

Bloom Gift Bag with Flower Pot inside

I absolutely love how cute these turned out and they make a really impressive gift or favor without spending a lot of time or money!

Do you plant flowers in the spring?

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  1. JaneEllen says

    This is such a cute idea besides being quite easy. Guess I could use a different punch if I don’t have the brick one. Love how quick this project is and inexpensive, a nice gift for anybody to show you care. Happy week Pinned


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