Beaded Sculpey Polymer Clay Ornament

A Sculpey Polymer Clay ornament is what I decided to make this year for the handmade ornament exchange in which I participate in. Each year a friend hosts a handmade ornament trade. Each person makes 12 ornaments and brings them to her Sip and Swap. We try new wines, have appetizers and consume cookies. Not necessarily in that order. Last year I made etched glass ornaments and in 2010, it was 3-d paper birdcages. I decided to go with Sculpey Polymer Clay ornaments because polymer clay is durable; I can create them all at one time, in under two hours for a dozen and use up my left over beads as accents.

Supplies needed to make your own Sculpey Polymer Clay ornaments:

1. Roll the clay between your hands to condition lightly then run the clay through the clay conditioning machine to condition further. Once the clay is conditioned, run the clay through the machine on the widest setting. It is a 1 on my machine.

2. Place the gold leaf on the smooth clay. Gently press the gold leaf into the clay.
sculpey-polymer-clay-ornament-gold-leaf-on-polymer-draft3. Run the clay sheet through the clay conditioning machine after turning it down one notch. Remove the clay and lay on a smooth surface.
sculpey-polymer-clay-ornament-gold-leaf-on-polymer-draft4. Press the cookie cutter into the clay and repeat as needed.
sculpey-polymer-clay-ornament-gold-leaf-on-polymer-draft5. Using the clay tool, press holes into the hearts so they can be hung. You can make the holes in the center of the heart or on one half of the heart (see last two photos for both options).

sculpey premo6. Bake in the oven according to the manufacturer’s directions. Allow to cool completely before handling.

7. Place a jump ring through the opening in the clay piece.  Place the eye pin on the jump ring then close it. Place the beads on the eye pin.  Form a loop on the eye pin and place an additional jump ring on the end.  Close the loop and hang on the tree.

sculpey premoAnd there you have it, pretty handmade polymer clay heart ornaments! A beautiful gift that anyone would enjoy.

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