Meet It Monday – Darice Designer Craft Fur

Need to add some fun and funky to a project? How about Faux Fur??

Consumer Crafts sells a large selection of Darice Luxury Craft Fur in both large 12X15 inch pieces as well as 9X12 inch sizes.

They sell the large size in three different colors: black, white, and brown. The fur is a soft, thick pile perfect for plush animals, hats, capes, and coats.

They also sell the smaller 9X12 pieces in the following colors:

  • black
  • pink
  • yellow
  • fawn
  • red
  • dark brown
  • kelly green
  • pink
  • silver
  • white
  • orange

There is literally a color for every occasion! The craft fur is 60% Acrylic, the backing is a stiff 4o% Modacrylic and it is 100% Polyester.

Here is a back view of the fur.

If you have never worked with craft fur before there are several things that you need to be aware of before sewing or cutting it.  Before cutting or sewing the craft fur you have to identify the nap of the fur.  Run your hand over the fur to smooth it and lay it flat.  The direction that the fur lays smoothly is the direction of the nap.  The direction of the nap of the fur is very important because you have to be mindful of it when you are cutting out your pattern.  You want to cut the pattern pieces out in the direction the nap should be going.   For instance, you wouldn’t want one side or your plush animal having fur going in an upward direction while the other half of the plush animal has fur going in the opposite direction.

When cutting craft fur never cut through the fur but rather just cut through the backing.  Use very sharp scissors to carefully cut the backing while leaving as much of the fur as you can in place.  If you cut the fur, as well, you have bald spots in your design.  When laying out your design pattern use chalk to trace your pattern on the back of the craft fur.  The chalk works to mark the stiff backing of the fur and it is easy to view when cutting.

When sewing the fur try to pull the fur away from the edge.  Sew slowly pushing the fur back towards the inside of the project and away from the edge of the seam.   If fur does become trapped in the seam once you have stuffed and formed your plush animal use a small embroidery crochet hook or yarn needle to pull the trapped fur fibers loose from the seams.

Craft fur is a very versatile material and can be used for many different projects.  Craft fur is amazing for plush animals, winter hats and mittens, fur fashion accessories, or adding extra style to shirt or sweater collars for a whole new chic look! Perfect for Halloween costumes, too. What will YOU make with Craft Fur?

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