Gingerbread House Gift Box

I’m always on the look out for a inexpensive but personal gift to give our neighbors and teachers. You know, something that won’t gather dust on a shelf or won’t end up taking up valuable space in a landfill. Like many of you, we usually go the edible route (sometimes homemade, sometimes, I admit, bought!).

Here’s a perfect project to make a Gingerbread Gift Box to personalize your annual gifts. Fill it with homemade or store-bought cookies and you’re good to go this holiday season!

Supplies Needed for Gingerbread House Gift Box:


1. Collect materials and decide how you want to decorate your “gingerbread house.” You can either copy my design or if you do a Google image search for “gingerbread house,” find other candy elements that you want to add.

2. With a steady hand, start adding candy decorations. I would suggest starting with the white “frosting” elements. Conserve as much as possible of the white glitter since it’s the color you’ll use the most.

3. Continue adding detail until the house is to your liking. Don’t forget to add white to all the seams, making it look like frosting is keeping the corners together.

4. You can either leave the house like this or use a glue gun to add drips along the edge of the roof. Go slow and manipulate each drip to be the size you want by angling the house as it dries.

5. Add “frosting” to the roof with Aleene’s Glitter Snow and a Don’t be afraid to really lay it on thick. Looks more like frosting that way!

6. Finish by dabbing the Glitter Snow onto the drips and allow to dry.

7. Now you just need to fill your box with something yummy like cookies or tea and your gift is ready to give!

The great thing about this box is that long after the recipient of your gift has eaten the goodies, she can put a flameless tea light into the box and enjoy this gingerbread house for years to come!

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    This is an amazing idea! I need to find some of that glitter snow to put onto my paper houses. I also wouldn’t have thought the glitter glue would dry up so vibrantly on kraft. Great idea! I may even get my husband into making his own since he’s gotten fed up with real gingerbread houses that fall apart.


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