Thanksgiving Pear Turkey Craft

Hello, crafters! Lindsay from Shrimp Salad Circus here with another holiday tutorial to get you in the mood for Thanksgiving! These little turkey craft pears are shockingly easy, but they’ll be the perfect accent to your holiday mantel or tablescape. You could even add names to make them into keepsake place cards!

Supplies for turkey craft pears:

1.   Using a sharp knife, cut a little slice into the pear, as shown in the picture, at roughly a 45 degree angle. Start the cut about 2/3 of the way down the pear.

2.   Using a foam brush, spread glue all over both sides of the bottom half-inch of a leaf.

3.   Quickly and carefully, slide the leaf into the cut in the pear. Wiggle it back and forth to get it as far down as you can. You might need to use the knife to tuck it in a bit. Use a damp paper towel to wipe off any glue that got on the pear.

4.   Snip a long, skinny teardrop shape out of your red cardstock, and glue it on toward the top of the front of the pear. Cut a little orange triangle out, and glue it over the red paper.

5.   Use your permanent marker to give your turkey some eyes, and you’re all done!


  1. Sissy says

    I have some fresh pears sitting on the counter. I think I’ll use a push pin for the leaf, and edible markers for the eyes, and fruit roll ups for the beak and mouth. That way, it’s totally edible!

    Wilton and several other companies sell the edible markers.

  2. colleen says

    So cute!! I think i will make these with real pears , fruit roll ups and tooth picks :O) Thank you for the inspiration!!


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