Gratitude Artwork With Reusable Chalkboard Labels

Last year, we made a Gratitude Chalkboard Calendar that we ended up liking so much that we left it out all year! I thought I could revisit the idea again this year but make it a bit more table-top friendly. I’m definitely planning on hanging this gratitude artwork with reusable chalkboard labels in our dining room and passing it around the table to be filled in on Thanksgiving Day!

Gratitude-art-with-chalkboard-labels-Crafts-UnleashedIf you’ve never worked with wood burning, you might want to practice on a spare piece of wood first. It’s not hard to use but there is a bit of learning curve when it comes to the speed and pressure exerted on the wand. Just remember, you’re going for a rustic look so nothing has to be absolutely perfect!

graditudeart03smSupplies needed to make your own Gratitude Artwork with reusable chalkboard labels:

Step 1: Download, print and cut out the “Giving Thanks” Free Printable. Position words and chalkboard labels on panel until you’re happy with the layout.

graditudeart01smStep 2: Tape down the words and outline with either a Quilling Tool or another sharp object. The wood panel is pretty soft so you don’t have to press down too hard.

graditudeart02smStep 3: Follow the marked outlines with the wood burning tool. Go nice and slow, and try to keep a consistent speed. I used the rounded tip because it created a softer line and was easier to work with. The pointed tip is great for detail but can be unforgiving!

graditudeart04smStep 4: Add chalkboard labels. If you decide to outline the labels with the wood burning tool, make sure not to get too close to the plastic! You might have to outline the labels with the sharp tool you used for the words and then remove them while you burn. I made the mistake of leaving them on and the heat from the tool curled all the edges. At least we all get to learn from my mistakes!

graditudeart05smAll you need to do now is fill in the chalkboard labels with things you and your family are thankful for. When the holiday season is done, you can wipe the labels clean and store away to use again next year!


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