Easy Fall Place Settings

I love cooking and I love entertaining. There’s something really satisfying about cooking up a big meal and serving it to friends. You can add really small details that don’t take a lot of effort but do make a big visual impact and show that you put in the extra effort. I just love these artificial fall leaves – they’re so versatile! I used them in this project, too!

What you need to make your own easy fall place settings:

1.   Use pumpkins a little bigger than the palm of your hand. Wash it gently with a little dish soap and water. This sounds weird, but you don’t want to put it on a plate with all kinds of germs!

2.   Stick a piece of washi tape onto a fabric leaf, and press it down really well. Leave it attached to the roll. I like to tear the end instead of cutting to give it a more natural look.

3.   Using a fine-tip permanent marker, write the name of a dinner guest onto the tape portion that’s actually within the leaf.

4.   Tear off the tape so that it’s about 2.5 longer than the portion on the leaf. Wrap it around the pumpkin stem, and stick it to the back of the leaf.

5.   Stack a salad plate onto a dinner plate, and place a pumpkin on top. Voila!



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