Fall Decorations: Bleached Bandana Lanterns

Consumer Crafts recently introduced a whole line of super cute lanterns (see them here!). I knew I wanted to order some, but had a hard time determining which one!  The other problem?  I wanted to use them as fall decorations for a harvest/Thanksgiving table, but the black was reading a little too “Halloweeny.”  Join me today to check out the transformation of these little black lanterns into chic autumn bandana wrapped lights!

Fall-decorations-lanterns-Crafts-Unleashed-3Supplies needed to make your own bandana lantern fall decorations:

You will want to start by bleaching your bandanas.  You can use whatever fabric you choose, but I like the bandanas because they already have a pre-sewn seam, making this a no-sew project.  You could use the bandanas as-is as well, but bleaching them gives them a more subtle color and allows the light to flicker through.  That said, the basic orange bandanas and black lanterns COULD make for fun Halloween decor!  Your choice!
lantern in black
Step 1:  Remove the glass piece from the lantern — be careful!  The bottom edge is a little rough!
Step 2:  Spray paint your lanterns, if desired, in an outdoor location.
Step 3:   Cut a small piece of bandana, including a corner piece with two sewn seams, that wraps around the circumference of the lantern, plus a little overhang.
Step 4:   Add a drop of hot glue to the top of the glass piece and place the corner with two sewn seams there.  Allow glue to dry fully.
Step 5:  Once the glue is dry, pull the bandana straight down to make a perfect vertical line with the seam and glue.
Step 6:  Pull the fabric around the glass, folding over the extra fabric to make a “hem” that meets the sewn edge exactly.
Step 7: Tuck the little bit of extra fabric on the bottom into the interior of the lantern and secure with hot glue.  (PS You can skip this step and make an exact edge, but folding it over gives a little cushioning to that raw glass edge.)
Step 8:  The top fabric will be loose.  Cinch with a little baker’s twine.
Step 9:  When the spray painted lanterns are dry, simply reinsert the glass piece into the metal frame, add an LED tealight and display your new fall decorations!
Have leftover bandanas?  Make a runner – another perfect addition to your fall decorations!
One of my FAVORITE aspects of these little lanterns?  They are the EXACT same size as a dollar bill.  Make someone’s day by rolling up a wad of cash inside these lanterns for a gift within a gift!
What are your favorite fall decorations?

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  1. JaneEllen says

    so cute your little lanterns. I’ll have to look into getting maybe 3 of them anyway. You made them so cute for Fall decorations. Happy Fall

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