DIY Halloween Severed Head

I haven’t been this excited about a DIY project for a while. Why? Because it was so stinking easy- and yet it looks like a super expensive horror movie prop! For real!

Look at this thing:

DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashedTell me that’s not a little creepy.

It scared me coming down the stairs this morning, sitting on the counter-top.

Honestly- this DIY Halloween decoration is easy to make, and really inexpensive.

Supplies needed to make your own DIY Halloween severed head:

1Let’s “head off” to the craft room! (<—see what I did there?)

The first thing you will do for this DIY Halloween head is dye your cheesecloth. This is super simple. You can do this with tea or coffee. I chose coffee. Mix some instant coffee into hot water. Make it strong! Stir it until it is dissolved and then add your cheese cloth. I wore gloves, but that is optional.

2 3Swish the cheese cloth around in the coffee, until it is completely covered. You do not need to let it soak, just get it covered.

Then, wring out the excess coffee.

4Now you will need to allow the cheese cloth to dry.

I have never been known for my patience, so I used my oven to speed up the drying process.

Heat your oven to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Then turn your oven off.

Spread your cheese cloth out on a cookie sheet.

5Try to get it even. I checked it periodically, and moved it around.

Meanwhile, as the cheese cloth is drying, you get to play make-up artist!

Using a sponge, apply black ink to the foam craft head where natural shadows would be.

6Add ink to the under-eye area, lips, under the neck, underneath the cheek bones, down the sides of the nose, etc.

(Ladies- you know how to contour, right?!)

You want it fairly dark. You can also add red ink, or brown ink, whatever you think will look creepy!

By now the cheese cloth should be dry (and warm!). I did not take note of how long it took for the cheese cloth to dry in the oven- but not long. Just a few minutes.

Wad it up, and place it into a bowl.

Add fabric stiffener to the top of the cheese cloth in the bowl. Add a few tablespoons- you do not need much.

7I wore gloves here too.

When you have added a few tablespoons of product, pick up your cheese cloth, and work the product into the cloth. Squeeze the cloth until it holds a ball shape.

8You may want to add more fabric stiffener to make sure it is all covered. Just get it to where it will hold a ball shape.

You do not want it to be a sloppy mess.

Unfold the cheese cloth, and with the foam craft head on a cookie sheet, drape the head with the cheese cloth. Take care to drape the head evenly, so the cheese cloth pools at the bottom on all sides.

DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashed-9It already looks spooky, right? Your DIY Halloween severed head should be coming together very nicely!

Using a foam brush, dip into some hard coat Mod Podge, and start adhering the cheese cloth to the foam craft head.

DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashed-10Use the foam brush to squish the cheese cloth onto the features on the head. If the cheese cloth will not stick, use a little more Mod Podge.

DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashed-11For the best and creepiest results, use the foam brush to lift the cheese cloth, and make wrinkles.

DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashed-13The wrinkles really give this DIY Halloween head the creep factor!

You will have excess cheese cloth at the bottom of the head. Trim some small pieces, and use the small pieces to create more wrinkles.

DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashed-12Adhere the smaller pieces of cheese cloth to random places on the head with Mod Podge.

DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashed-13bGet the face and head all covered and sealed with Mod Podge. If you like this look, you are finished. I chose to work the cheese cloth onto the neck as well.

Tie the cheese cloth at the neck with a section of jute or string.

DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashed-14This will help hold the cheese cloth in place.

Continue working with the hard coat Mod Podge along the underside of the chin, and neck area like you did with the face.

DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashed-15When all the cheese cloth is adhered to the head- arrange the excess cheese cloth at the bottom however you desire. The fabric stiffener will make the cheese cloth stay in place when it is dry.

DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashed-16Allow it to dry completely.

Then, remove the string.

DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashed-17Now your creepy DIY Halloween creation is ready for display!

DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashed-3Since the head is foam, it is very lightweight and would make a wonderful addition to a Halloween party serving tray.

However you choose to use your DIY Halloween severed head- it will definitely make a spooky statement!

What DIY Halloween projects have you made this year?

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  1. Melissa Fuentes says

    Can you make the cheesecloth glow in the dark as well?

    How would I do that?

    I can’t WAIT to make it this weekend!!!

  2. Penni S. says

    thank you for this. My friends birthday is this weekend and I just made it for her. She is gonna love it!!!

  3. Heather says

    I love this! I have just finished making one so much fun to make & I added a bit more cheese cloth to the head it looks from 1800’s doing that extra cheese cloth bits hanging from the head thank you so much for putting this up love it & quite easy to make as well

  4. megan says

    I am going to make a bunch of these with long cheese cloth, or extra fabric dresses and hang from my trees, my neighbors are going to freak!! Love this!!

  5. says

    I love this idea! And this tutorial is awesome!! Thank you so much for putting this together, I cannot wait to try it out – I have been crafting decorations for Halloween non-stop, but this project must absolutely be added….Thank Again!!!

  6. Laura Weed says

    I cannot wait to make this! My kids are gonna HATE it!! LOL (p.s. they are older, I’m not terrifying small children here!) :)


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