Rustic Acorn Fall Wreath

I’m a huge fan of acorns and all the wonderful crafty things you can do with them but unfortunately, I live in a part of the United States that is known more for desert cacti than for towering oaks. I’m usually so envious of people who say they just walk down the street picking up acorns but not any more! Consumer Crafts has these great packages of acorns that are totally reasonable and so easy to craft with…and you don’t have to worry about any little critters catching a ride in your seeds. 😀

If you’re looking for a new fall wreath idea, I think this rustic acorn and burlap wreath is the perfect choice!

Acorn-fall-wreath-crafts-unleashedSupplies needed to make your own rustic acorn fall wreath:

Step 1. Gather supplies. I used five bags for my 12″ fall wreath and only had enough to cover the front. You might want to buy more bags of acorns if you’re looking for more coverage. Also, I had to cut a strip of burlap from a larger piece of fabric to make my bow. Using burlap ribbon would have been easier, but Consumer Crafts was all sold out at the time I ordered these supplies. Crafters love their burlap!

acornwreath01smStep 2. Apply a thin line of hot glue to the back of an acorn and hold in place until glue hardens. Continue filling in the spaces with acorns until the entire wreath is covered.

acornwreath02smStep 3. (Optional) I added a bit of Gold Glimmer Mist over the entire completed wreath to add just the slightest hint of shine. A really subtle and pretty effect that is totally optional but nice.

acornwreath04smStep 4. Cut a 4″x20″ strip from the burlap fabric. Fold and hold in place with a piece of the awesome double sided Hercules tape. (One of my favorite craft supplies!) Pinch in the middle and wrap a smaller piece of burlap (2″x5″) around it to create a bow. Glue in place.

acornwreath05smNow you just need to hang your new rustic acorn fall wreath on your front door and you’ll be ready to welcome Autumn!


About Vanessa

Vanessa is a self proclaimed sleep deprived mother of two adorable boys and when she has a little time to spare, she makes things and posts about them on her craft blog, Tried & True. If she’s not cooking, sewing, gluing or making, she would probably go crazy. Join her on her crafty adventure at


  1. Cindy says

    Love this wreath I have pine cone wreath and live in the country in Pa. in a log home so this wreath will be great with the acorns since they are in my yard. I might put rustic chicken wire over acorns to help keep them in place. thanks for a great idea!

  2. Van says

    I like to take shopping bags with me on walks. Do you realize how may different pine cones, sizes of acorns, and seed pods that are just laying around? I used to live in the country now and now in a small city. I had to walk to most places and found a treasure trove just laying on the roadside, drives, and on sidewalks being squashed and waisted. Take those kids for a walk and get them some nature education! :)

  3. Patricia Routt says

    I love your wreath. I am going to get everything I need this week-end and make it. THANK YOU for sharing with us you are so talented.

  4. JaneEllen says

    Loving your wreath, very fall like, such a great post. How many acorns did you use? You say we need 5 bags so must have been quite a few. I think when I make the wreath I’ll substitute some small pine cones in there to maybe cut down on amount of acorns needed.
    I have quite a few acorns but not sure I’d want to sacrifice them for a wreath. Think I might just have to buy some of the acorns you mentioned. Hope they are inexpensive.
    I picked up all the acorns I have in Petersboro, NJ years ago when hubs and I on a trucking run. We were stuck there over New Years in a truck stop so we walked around seeing some of the area, we also had our black lab with us. It was interesting in that truck cab and sleeper with that dog, believe me.. lol. He was ok rolling down the road but as soon as that air brake went on he wanted out of that truck by getting on my lap.
    Our daughter told me there’s a tree in her neighborhood that sheds acorns so I’ll have to see if maybe her girls would get some for me or we’ll go over to get them ourselves. Hope she’s right. Happy week.


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