Technique: Textured Backgrounds with Paint and Ink, Part 3 of 3 – Re-Purposed Objects

2011-05-08 23.10.02Welcome to part 3 in a three-part series on creating textured backgrounds with paint and ink, using simple found objects from around the household.  (Read parts 1 and 2 as well!)So far we’ve covered kitchen materials and recycled goods.  In this third part, I will cover re-purposed materials – things you most likely have stashed around your house, but might not necessarily think of when sitting down in your studio to begin a painted art project, as they are intended for other purposes.

I’ve tried my best to label what I’ve used on each area of the canvases, but keep in mind that you may see things in each post that I’m not covering in that day’s post.  Rest assured that I will cover it in one of the other posts in the series.

Materials used (throughout all three parts in the series):

Materials used (specific to Part 3):

  • Shelf liner (assorted)
  • Plastic canvas
  • Paper doily
  • Crocheted doily
  • Jumbo Lego
  • Credit card
  • Wire mesh
  • Perfect Pearls
  • water spray bottle
  • water
  • permanent black ink pad

Once again, prepare your paint by pouring some on a paper plate or waxed paper.  With today’s assortment of goodies, we have the opportunity to use the items in more dual-functionality.  Because so many of the items on this list are open-weave type items, they can be used as either stencils OR to apply paint…giving you two different types of texture on your background, both of which are very cool looking.

Shelf liners are super fun and come in a variety of textures.  I used both solid, ridged liner and open-weave liner on my canvases, and you will see that I used the solid one with ink as well as paint.  Doilies, both paper and crocheted, are another favorite – and can be used in both ways as well.

Shelf liners, crocheted doily as paint stencil
Shelf liners, crocheted doily as paint stencil
Paper doily, corrugated cardboard
Paper doily, corrugated cardboard

Doilies are also great for using with spray inks, and I used a homemade Perfect Pearl spray over a crocheted doily on my canvas in a couple different places to add additional dimension.


Perfect Pearls spray ink over crocheted doily
Perfect Pearls spray ink over crocheted doily

Old credit cards (gift cards, etc) are also great for spreading paint on a background, and you can see it used with the yellow paint and green paint on these canvases.  Plastic canvas (which comes in assorted sizes) and wire mesh are two other favorites, and were also both used on these canvases (magenta paint with plastic canvas, white for wire mesh).

Credit card, wire mesh, plastic canvas
Credit card, plastic canvas
Credit card, wire mesh, shelf liner
Credit card, wire mesh

Finally, you can see on this canvas where I used a few of these items on a black stamp pad – the shelf liner, a lego, some plastic canvas, a t.p. roll…to stamp over the paint for additional layering.

2011-05-08 23.19.58

When you put it all together…with the techniques from all three parts of this series, you are able to create your own unique backgrounds, whether it be on canvas, paper, or whatever other surface you desire.  Keep coming back, as other members of our awesome design team pick up different techniques from this series and carry them out in their own projects throughout the month!



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