Handmade Stenciled Note Card Set

Handwritten letters are rarely seen anymore, but there is one group keeping this fading art form alive: teachers!  When I was a teacher I kept a stack of cards in my desk, so I was always prepared with a “thank you,” “great job,” or “happy birthday” message.  My kids treasure and save cards they get from their teachers.  So, with that in mind, why not kick off the year with a pretty note card set to give the teacher?  With stencils and ink you can quickly make several matching note card sets.

Note-card-set-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own stenciled note card set:supply-list

Step one:  Place the bird stencil on the card and hold it in place with stencil tape.  Use a light colored ink and the blending tool to fill in the shape.
Step two:  Place the patterned, adhesive Mod Podge stencil over the bird stencil.  Use the blending tool to add a darker color to the bird.  Remove all the stencils.
Step three:  Add the branch and the leaves using the stencil, blending tools, and inks.
Step four:  Use phrase stamps to add a message to your note card set.
Once you’ve made your note card set, tie it up with a pretty ribbon as a gift for the teacher!  These would be fun to make with a monogram, an apple, or a name.  I made a second card set with the word “hi” as a simple, all occasion card that the teacher can use.  I used the same technique described above.
Note card sets would make great gifts for a recent high school graduate heading off to college.  Pre-address and stamp the envelopes as a gentle reminder to keep in touch with grandma!  :)
And while you’ve got your supplies out, make a card set for yourself.  Yes, email is faster but there’s no denying the charm of a hand written note card!

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