Sew Easy Hand Stitched Envelopes

I am so excited to be writing for Crafts Unleashed.  Today, I am sharing with you the Sew Easy Loop de Loop Stitch Piercer and how to use it to decorate envelopes.  I have to admit that I’m not much of a scrapbooker, so when I first saw this tool I dismissed it, but then I realized that tool can be used for so much more than scrapbooking.  I wanted to embellish some thank you card envelopes and I thought this would be the perfect tool to give an extra special touch to some plain old white envelopes.

For this project here is the list of materials you will need:

To pierce the envelope in a straight line prop a magazine next to the piercer and run the piercer along side, using the straight edge of the magazine as a guide.  I did use the baker’s twine, but found that the dual colors blended in too much with the envelope.  I separated the threads of the bakers twine and just used the green thread.  This also made the thread easier to stitch because it was thinner.

To start paper stitching, tie a knot at the end of the floss and pierce the needle from the back of the paper to the front (through the first hole).  Continue with first stitch (second hold).  After the first stitch is complete, pierce the needle through the third hole from the back.  Then back stitch to the second hole.  Next from the underside pierce up through the fourth hole.

Continue with a back stitch and repeat previous steps until finished.

The possibilities are endless for this tool.  I am planning on decorating some favor bags and make some custom thank you cards to go with my envelopes.

One thing to note is that the US post office may charge more for embellished envelopes.  I would check with them first on postage.

To learn more about the Sew Easy Stitch Piercer, CLICK HERE for our Meet it Monday post.

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