Scalloped Paper Ornaments

In recent years, I’ve started making paper ornaments with the kids. Last year we made several paper rosettes to add to our ornament collection and this year we are making 3D scalloped paper ornaments. Paper ornaments are great to make with kids because you don’t have to worry about them breaking and the possibilities are endless with the colors, patterns, and themes.

Supplies needed to make your own 3D scalloped paper ornaments:

I began by embossing the paper to give it a snowflake pattern.

To make the paper ornaments we used the scallop punch to cut out four circles.

Once our circles were cut, we folded each on in half with the right sides facing each other.

We glued two of the folded circles together. Then we made another set exactly like the first.

At this point you will want to loop the elastic cord around a small jingle bell then place the string in between the two sets of scalloped circles.

Glue the sets together then tie the cord at the top.

We decided to use jingle bells but pearls or buttons would work great as well.

To give the ornaments a finished look, we used a toothpick to add glue to the scalloped edges then sprinkled white glitter on top.And there you have it! A very easy ornament to make and one that can be made with each child’s preference in mind. Plus you won’t have to worry about this one falling on the ground and breaking! :)

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