Last Minute Gift Idea: Memory Tin with Project Life

Sometimes last minute gifts turn out to be the most thoughtful. If you are struggling to come up with a gift for your loved-one, this is the perfect way to say, “I am always thinking of you.” It’s a memory tin to capture the memories of the past year.

Project-Life-Memory-Tin-Crafts-UnleashedThis could come in the form of photos, quotes, observations, thoughts – whatever shows how special your loved one is. And a bonus – this is totally customizable based on the supplies you have and the interests of the recipient. Today, I will show you the memory tin I made for my husband. 

Project Life Memory Tin07Supplies needed to make your own Project Life memory tin:

Project Life Memory Tin01Step 1: Using a large Project Life card, trace the tin lid and cut the card to size. This will be the base for the decor on top of your tin.

Project Life Memory Tin step1Step 2 (optional): At this point, you could spray paint your tin to jazz it up a little. I spray painted mine black. While it was drying, I moved on to the next steps.

Step 3: Write notes on the smaller Project Life cards. I like the holiday cards because they give you specific prompts, which make it easy to recall memories. I also wrote quotes and just single lines of things I like about my husband.

Project Life Memory Tin step 3Step 4: Use one of the cards as a template to cut your photos down to size. I like to intermingle the photos with notes.

Project Life Memory Tin step 4Step 5: Embellish the top of your tin. I used stickers, ribbon, a small Project Life card, a handmade pinwheel and a brad. If your tin is dry and ready to go, you can glue the base paper down and work from there. If it’s not dry, just embellish the base paper and you can glue it to the tin later.

Project Life Memory Tin step 5Step 6: Tie ribbon around your notes/photos. Fill your tin with tissue paper. I couldn’t resist using the fringe scissors for this – it totally dresses the gift up!

Project Life Memory Tin08 step 6You can fit a little something extra in the tin as well. Maybe a favorite candy or something representing an inside joke. I chose to add a few mini ornaments to represent a DIY fail that my husband helped me with.

Project Life Memory Tin09That’s it! The part that takes the longest is writing notes. If you want to start this part earlier in the year, it would be easy to write notes here and there. Despite my good intentions , I never start these things early. I think it is thoughtful either way!

Project Life Memory Tin15What else would you put in your memory tin?


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  1. Bonnie says

    Home made candies, fudge or other treat. Maybe make a candle in it or some glycerin molded soaps or perhaps some nice home made bath salts


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