More Than a Card, Less Than a Gift Solution: DIY Pocket Tissue Boxes

Sometimes I find myself wanting to let someone know that I am thinking about them- with more than a card, but less than a gift. Do you know what I mean? Funerals are a good example. So is sending someone “get well” wishes.

Enter the Pocket Tissue Box.

Pocket Tissue Craft Boxes - Crafts UnleashedA cute, yet very practical more-than-a-card.

I found several (similar) templates online, to print and cut out, but I am a pretty lazy crafter. So- I asked my friend and digital genius Kerri Bradford, if she had time to whip up a digital cutting file for these.

I was in luck! (You are in luck!) She agreed. And– she offered to make the cutting file available- for free. If you get a minute, send her some thanks. —> KERRI BRADFORD STUDIOS

Her site has a lot of super helpful, easy to understand digital cutting machine tutorials, including one on downloading files, and installing them into your library. You will need to follow that one if you are not familiar with this process.

This tissue holder is a super easy project to throw together, using a digital cutting file. I made several to keep on hand. You can decorate them any way you wish.  I made mine cheerful- they are going to friends that have been hit with allergy season!

Supplies needed to make your own pocket tissue craft boxes:

a13After you download and install your digital file, open it on a new page using your digital cutting machine software.

a1I am going to show you how to cut the file using a Silhouette. You will need to adjust if you are using a different electronic cutting machine.

When the file is open, you will notice writing at the bottom of the image.

a5These are the perfect measurements for the finished image. You can see from the image, that the file defaults smaller than the written measurements.

You will need to click and drag (enlarge) the open image to correspond to the measurements written.

Once your image matches the measurements, you will need to remove the writing so your machine won’t cut the words into your final project.

Select your entire image, and then right click.  This will being up a menu box.

a2Choose “Ungroup.” This will allow you to adjust parts of your image.

Select the writing on your image.

a3Right click, and select “delete.”

a4No more writing!

Select your entire image again, right click, and select “group.” This will merge your image into one shape again.

Now you are ready to send your image to the cutting machine.

When I am cutting cardstock, I always select double cut, to make sure I get all the cuts sharp.

Load your paper into the machine.

a3Let the machine do its thing, and then remove your cut image.

a4Fold all of the dotted line cuts.

a5Find the fold, that runs the length of the box, with the flap. We are going to adhere this flap first.

a6Line the flap even with the back of the box. There will be a full-sized flap on the top of the box- do not adhere this. :)

a7We are going to use this as an attached card to add a sentiment!

Computer generate, or hand-write your sentiment on a separate piece of paper, trim to fit, and adhere to inside flap.

a8a9Insert your pocket Kleenex pack, and fold down the remaining flaps. You could choose to adhere the flaps if you desire.

a10You may want to use some scissors to open the Kleenex packaging for your recipient.

a11If you really want to make these easy to mass produce, it was super simple to just add some pre-packaged flowers.

a12Add tags, rhinestones, craft punch shapes, stickers- whatever you would like. You can tie the box shut with ribbon if you like.

Pocket Tissue Craft Boxes 2- Crafts UnleashedA simple, easy way to say you care.

About Shaunte

Shaunte is a 30-something, chocolate-loving, SAHM from Utah. She has been scrapbooking since 1997, the dreaded era of photos cropped with deco scissors. Since then, her work has evolved into a clean, linear, photo-focused style. Her favorite subjects to scrap are her husband and five kids (never a lack for subject material there).


  1. says

    What an awesome idea! Unfortunately, I don’t have any electronic cutting machines. Could you provide the info on where you saw the templates. Thanks!

    • says

      @Ruza- I did not keep the links to the templates- I knew I was too lazy to use them! I am sure you can find them with a Google search- that is all I did. Good luck!!

  2. Kim M says

    I’m not really a paper crafter… but now I think I NEED a Silhouette! These are so cute, Shaunte. And you’re a sweetheart for handing these little pick-me-ups out to your friends.


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