How-to: Perler Bead Valentine’s Day Cards

Perler beads are one of my daughter’s favorite activity. I love them too, because not only do they help with her hand eye coordination, but it really keeps her busy.  Most of her dolls and other toys only get played with for a couple of minutes before she gets bored, but she is always asking me to play with these beads.  We love making patterns together.  I wanted to take her creations and make Valentine’s Day cards with them.  It’s a great way to actually use the beads in a new and fun way.

Perler-Valentine's-Day-Card-Crafts-Unleashed-2Supplies needed to make your own Perler Bead Valentine’s Day cards:supply2

Create a pattern with your Perler Beads.  You can make whatever patterns you like.  I love making rainbows and hearts.  These are great for not only Valentine’s Day cards, but thank you cards, Birthday cards and more.

perler-bead-cards-2Once you make your pattern, iron the beads with a warm iron.  Be sure to place the Perler Bead paper between the iron and the beads or else you will have a mess on your hands.

perler-bead-cards-3I like the look of ironing only one side, but you can iron both if you like the more pixelated square look better.

perler-bead-cards3Wait for the beads to cool, and then glue them on your blank cards.

perler-bead-cards-5At this point you can get creative.  You can stamp words, print them or just write them.  I used a calligraphy pen because I wanted to practice my calligraphy (I know I need more practice!).

Perler-Valentine's-Day-Card-Crafts-Unleashed-3I hope you enjoyed this Perler Bead Valentine’s Day card idea and will try them for yourself.  Happy Crafting!

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  1. JaneEllen says

    I don’t know that my girls ever played with perler beads. They look like so much fun, using imagination no end, so much fun for kids and adults alike. You sure have lots of the beads, how long did it take you to collect so many? When did perler beads become available? Might be why my kids didn’t have them, youngest is almost 44, oldest daughter is 53. I love that somebody can do so many things with them. So nice you and your daughter can have fun together with them. She’ll treasure those memories.
    My youngest says she remembers me sewing her clothes is what made her want to sew, get her own machine and now her youngest (almost 14) is sewing clothes and costumes, pillow covers for beds. I’ve always made our own curtains, pillow covers, table runners. Even when I worked full time I still sewed some of my clothes and hers. My machine is always out and ready to sew at a minutes notice.
    Have fun and enjoy those times with your daughter, so precious and important to you both. Happy weekend

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