Magnetic Paper Doll Craft

Looking for a last minute handmade gift for little girls? Today, I’m sharing a quick tutorial on how to make a magnetic paper doll craft that’s perfect as a last minute gift idea. My daughter is currently in love with fashion, anything from layering several tutus and countless accessories, to coordinating outfits for her dolls. She’s at such a fun age and I’m learning how to help her grow into her new independent stage of dressing herself. Since she’s enjoying the dressing up stage so much, I thought I’d make her a magnetic paper doll that she can reuse by dressing the doll with a variety of clothing options.

Magnetic-paper-doll-Crafts-Unleashed-1Supplies needed to make your own magnetic paper doll craft:supply2

I used the print and cut option to create this project. The Silhouette store has a paper doll shape that you can purchase that comes with a paper doll and a variety of clothing accessories. Click HERE for the Silhouette doll file.

I printed the image on plain printer paper by clicking on the top left corner under File then print.

paper dollsThen, I cut the shapes out by placing the printed paper onto my cutting mat.

paper dolls 1I also cut the shapes from the magnet paper. I did this by placing the magnetic paper with the white facing up and adjusted my blade settings accordingly.

paper dolls 2Once the images were cut, I peeled off the white layer and aligned the printed shapes onto the adhesive backed magnetic shapes.

Magnetic-paper-doll-Crafts-Unleashed-2That’s it! A cute, easy and simple project that I’m sure will provide my daughter endless amounts of play time while she mixes and matches the doll’s clothing.

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