How to Make Your Photos 3D!

The other day, while browsing my favorite home decor store, I ran across a wall hanging that was 3D. It was created from multiple layers of the same image. I wondered if that same technique would work for my own photos.

Well, it did!

I am excited to show you how easy it is to create three dimensional photos using your own prints.

How to Make Your Photos 3D-2Supplies needed to make your own photos 3D:

How to make your photos 3D -1Choose a photo that is easy to “see” the dimension- like a shot in front of a layered background. Make sure the image is easy to cut. For example, I have a group shot of my family in front of the Eiffel tower. There is no way I would want to cut out all of the intricate detail of the tower!

Photo prints are cheap! Practice on 4×6 prints before you work on enlargements- to see if the layers are going to work. I would also suggest you get an extra print, if you make a mistake. :)

How to make your photos 3D -2Cut your first layer. I used micro-tip scissors on most of my cutting. On very intricate places, I used my craft knife.

How to make your photos 3D -3Continue cutting your “layers.”

How to make your photos 3D -4I chose three cut layers to this photo, and then the background as a fourth layer.  The final layer is not cut- all of the cut layers will be layered on top of a solid background.

How to make your photos 3D -5When all of the layers are cut, you can begin to assemble the layers.

How to make your photos 3D -6I began with the front layer. Add foam dimensional adhesive to the backside of the cut layer.

How to make your photos 3D -7The foam adhesive squares comes in two sizes. The small size is great for supporting small sections of your cut layers.

How to make your photos 3D -8Here is a tip that will save you some headache!

Leave the protective backing on all of the  foam squares except one. Position the top layer over the next cut layer. Allow the one foam adhesive square to adhere to the second layer, and then start to peel the backing off of the remaining squares. This will allow you to preposition the layer- and get it nice and straight without having a sticky mess to try to peel up.

How to make your photos 3D -9Continue to layer your cut photos.

How to make your photos 3D -10All finished layering!

How to make your photos 3D -11Now your photo is ready to be used in a scrapbook, or mini-album… but how is it going to fit into a frame?

I figured that one out too. :)

Choose a frame that has an opening large enough for your photo- but with some edge around the frame.

How to make your photos 3D -12Apply adhesive to the perimeter of the backside of your photo.

How to make your photos 3D -13You can remove the glass inside the frame, or leave it intact. Totally up to you.

Add a couple of foam adhesive squares to the center of the inside of the frame.

How to make your photos 3D -14Then adhere your photo down! On top of the frame. This will allow the wonderful 3D layers to shine, without getting squished down by glass, or the interior lip of the frame.

How to make your photos 3D -15It is a little hard to show how cool the 3D effect is on these photos!

How to make your photos 3D -16Just trust me- it’s cool, and worth the effort of the fussy cutting.

Awesome for vacation photos.

How to make your photos 3D -22Great for action shots! Check out the skateboard popping out of the frame!

How to make your photos 3D -24

How to Make Your Photos 3D -3And pretty spectacular for everyday shots, too.

How to Make Your Photos 3DA pretty cool way to make a custom, personalized WOW! factor in your home or office decor.

How to make your photos 3D -17Grab some scissors and create your own one-of-a-kind 3D art!

About Shaunte

Shaunte is a 30-something, chocolate-loving, SAHM from Utah. She has been scrapbooking since 1997, the dreaded era of photos cropped with deco scissors. Since then, her work has evolved into a clean, linear, photo-focused style. Her favorite subjects to scrap are her husband and five kids (never a lack for subject material there).


    • Shaunte says

      Decoupage is a form of generally one dimensional paper collage that is sealed with several coats of varnish or lacquer. This project is not sealed with any coatings, nor does it lie flat. I wouldn’t call it decoupage- but thank you for your interest! :)

  1. Aurelie says

    Hi from Belgium Shaunte!
    Just made myself a complete family pictures with your technique: just amazing!!
    I am so looking forward to receiving some great other ideas from Crafts Unleashed!


  2. says

    Wow this is super cool! The action shot produces the best effect! Love it! Thanks for sharing this technique, will definitely give it a shot! 😀

  3. Pat says

    Edging the cut image with black or colored marker makes the images and layers pop even more. Thanks for sharing this 3D technique.

  4. Karen Kovacs says

    Sure wish I could save to my computer. It’s difficult running back and forth to another room to get instructions then of course, I am on line for the entire time I’m crafting. I could put instructions on a “stick” and into my laptop and take it with me. Your ideas are fantastic. Thanks, Karen


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