Father’s Day Card & Cupcake Toppers Combo (with Free Silhouette Download!)

Let’s be honest, Father’s Day does not get the same amount of attention as Mother’s Day. Historically, moms do so many things that go unnoticed and those things are celebrated on Mother’s Day, which makes the day a big deal. But times are changing (or have changed) and dads now do so much. So let’s step up our Father’s Day celebrations! What better way to do that than with a fun, easy project that caters to his sweet tooth?

Fathers Day Card & Cupcake Toppers 2Supplies needed to make Father’s Day cupcake toppers:

Step 1: Download and cut out this Father’s Day Silhouette Studio file that I made just for you! It contains tie clip art and a Happy Father’s Day message.

Step 2, 3 & 4: Attach your tie cut outs, black hats and Father’s Day message to toothpicks using white washi tape. It’s best to use two toothpicks for the Father’s Day message for stabilization.

father's day topper stepsBut wait, your project isn’t complete without a card!

Fathers Day Card & Cupcake Toppers 3Step 1 for the card: Make the card anyway you like. You can use the Father’s Day message as the focal point of the front. I just made the text ‘bold’ so it would look a bit different than the cupcake topper.

Step 2: Cut out a piece of cardstock that is a bit shorter than the width of your card and 1.5-2 inches tall (depending on your card height).

Step 3: Add double-sided tape to three sides of the card stock piece and press down on the inside of your card. This should create a slim pocket.

Step 4: Add this awesome bookmark that is perfect for Father’s Day! Just slide it onto the piece of card stock. Now you have a card/gift combo.

Fathers Day Card & Cupcake Toppers 4

father's day cupcake topper19Father’s Day decor is so much fun! It challenged me to step out of my very feminine, floral mindset.

father's day cupcake topper18Okay, so I’m not the best cupcake icer. I’m working on my skills, you guys! I am hoping these cute toppers distract everyone from the icing that is sliding all over the place. :)

father's day cupcake topper finalDo you have any Father’s Day craft plans in mind?

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