Create Your Own Understated Embossed Note Card Collection

Christmas will be here before we know it and I for one am prepared to be prepared this year! I decided to go with understated cards this year, unique to the folks that will be receiving them.
Supplies needed to create your own embossed note cards:

I wanted to try my hand at embossing, the process that creates that amazing raised texture on expensive cards.  I didn’t want to use a huge range of colors, just understated white on white, gold on white and some high contrast white on navy for a different look.  Each card is unique, but each has that really cool texture you just can’t help but touch.

First things first, you need embossing ink.  I used clear so that the color of my embossing powders could really shine and the white on white wouldn’t have any other hues in the mix.  Simply dab the stamp gently, making sure to cover the entire surface of the stamp with ink.

Gently (gently!) place the stamp on the card without wiggling!

Pick it straight up to avoid smudging the ink.

If you are fast, you can do several stamps at once and then apply the powder to the entire card, but you must be fast!  If you are too slow, the ink will dry.

Lightly sprinkle the embossing powders over the ink, just like you did in primary school with glue and glitter.

Give the card a light shake to remove any excess.

Now the fun begins!  Break out the heating tool and watch the powder kind of bubble and rise into its final form.  Magic, I tell you!

I know it is hard to see the texture thanks to the white on white, but you can see the raised edges from this angle.

I love the way the card looks simple and understated, but has an extra layer of texture for interest.

So break out those card making supplies and get on it!  Christmas is just around the corner!

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  1. JaneEllen says

    Your cards are so pretty, love the embossing. Haven’t done much of that for quite awhile. Glad you shared so I could refresh the technique again. Have lots of embossing powder from when it was so popular a few years ago. Great idea to make something simple but so pretty to give people. I’d better get busy huh? Have to make ornaments and cards.
    Happy week

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