DIY Wax Seals

I’m always excited when I get a real letter in the mail, especially if it’s on cute paper. Yes, the stationary makes a difference. And so do the little things, such as how the envelope is sealed. Want a fun way to send off your own letters? Today I’m going to teach you to make your own personalized wax seal.

Supplies for DIY Wax Seals:

Take a dowel and cut it into three smaller segments with your hand saw. I taped up the dowel around each cutting segment to keep the wood from splintering.
Once the segments are cut, sand down each so that the end surface is flat and free of splinters. It’s very important that each end is flat.
Pencil in your design on the end of each dowel. If you’re doing letters, make mirrored letters (so they are backward in your design), so that when you use the seal, the letters will come out right-side-up. Using the smallest tip on your wood burning tool, carefully burn your design into the end of the dowel. I had to do this a couple times before I was satisfied with my stamp. And the wood-burning works best if you go slowly and add steady pressure to the heat tool as you go. Here are a couple of my wood-burned dowels.
When you’re ready to seal your envelope, take a heavy object and weight the flap down. I used a red candle because it was close by.
Pour a little vegetable oil into a shallow bowl and place near your envelope. Hold your wax stick over the area you want to seal, then light it. Wait a couple seconds for the wax to warm up, then drip it along the envelope until the collected pool is the same diameter as your seal.

Once you’ve got enough wax on your envelope, let it sit for 15 seconds. In the meantime, dip the stamp end of your dowel into the vegetable oil, then wipe off excess oil onto a paper towel. The oil will prevent the dowel from sticking to the wax.

Press the stamp end of the wooden dowel straight into the wax pool. You don’t need to exert a ton of pressure, but make sure you leave the stamp in the wax until the wax is completely dry. If you pull the dowel out too fast, you’ll ruin your seal.
When the wax is dry, carefully wiggle the stamp out from the wax. This might take a couple tries before you get a good stamp, but I promise the end result is worth it!

I really liked how mine came out. And yes, I did have to practice sealing on a bunch of envelopes first!

Maybe this tutorial will be the push that gets you writing letters to your loved ones again! Hope you have fun with this!


  1. says

    My mother used to have a brass seal for letters, I’d forgotten it till seeing Honestly WTF’s post about stamping and sealing letters. Found your link there. Great post and very inspiring. Like the tip for using a candle. Perhaps too, a crayon would work – though that might be a waste.

  2. KimM says

    Ditto to what Kim said! But I’m going to make a few now… maybe something with a simple picture design. Or a circle around the outside. Hmm… :-)


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