Washi Tape House: Storage & Dispenser in One!

01-heroIf you’re like me, you’ve got a stash of washi tape sitting in a box at home. And you have a roll in every color and pattern imaginable. So the problem is – how do you store it all?

01bI thought it’d be fun to make this darling little washi tape dispenser. It holds up to 5 rolls of tape, and has room to store extra at the bottom. Plus, it’s a lot nicer looking than my current washi tape storage system!

Supplies needed to make your own washi tape storage dispenser:

Begin by painting your house box. You can do any color variation you like! I painted the roof with acrylic paint and spray painted the body of it white.
02Measure the width of the house box, and add .5″ to that number. Wrap a piece of tape around your dowel at that length, and mark it with a Sharpie.

03Use your hand saw to cut the dowel to the appropriate size. Sand down the ends so they are even. Measure 1″ away from the edge of the box, and trace your wooden dowel end. Do this on both sides, making sure your drawn circles are even with each other.

04Use your craft knife and carefully cut out the circles.

07You may need to make your cuts several times before it goes all the way through the thick paper mache box.

06Next, remove the metal cutting strip from your tin foil box. Try not to bend the metal, and be careful not to hurt yourself!

09Once removed, use your pliers to flatten out the strip, including any of the prongs.

10Trim the metal strip down to size with your scissors, then carefully glue it to the outside top edge of the box using your E-6000 glue. You may need to use paper clamps to hold the metal strip to the box as the glue dries.

11When the glue has dried, you’re done! Slip up to 5 rolls of washi tape onto the wooden dowel, and feed it through the house.

12You’ve got yourself a washi tape dispenser! Now the question is…which rolls should you put into your new dispenser?



  1. says

    Thank you for the great tutorial! It inspired me to make my own version of a washi tape dispenser. I posted it on my blog today and of course I credited you for the inspiration and linked to your blog post.

    Have a wonderful week and thanks again!
    Kind regards
    Helena, Sweden

  2. Barbara macaskill says

    I have close to 100 rolls of decorative duck tape and I am going to do this on a bigger scale to make a dispenser for all of it. Thanks for the inspiration !


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