Crafty Mason Jar Gifts

Do you have one of those friends that are incredibly difficult to buy for?  You know the kind.  The girl that has everything.  The girl that can make ANYTHING.  The girl that doesn’t need a thing.  Well today, that is the girl we are crafting for!  What could be better for her than a full lineup of craft projects, all set for her to get creative.  Are you with me?  Let’s craft!

Your supplies will vary greatly depending upon which crafts you decide to gift, but here are the basics for putting the craft set together.

Supplies for crafty mason jar gifts:

The idea is to fill each jar with an assortment of crafting supplies so that your friend will be inspired to create something original.  Each jar will hold the basic supplies for a craft, and your gift recipient can add his or her own touch to the craft.  The jars can’t look like plain old canning jars though, can they?  First things first — we have to cover up those hideous metal printed lids.

Simply trace a circle out of your cardstock, cut and secure to the metal lid with a tiny dot of hot glue.  Screw the lid on and you are ready to move on to the fun part — filling those jars!

You can choose any craft supplies you want, but the jars look best when you coordinate colors and place items into the jars artfully.  The most beautiful items should be placed vertically around the exterior of the jars, while the bulkier items can go towards the middle.

1. Chipboard Letters with Yarn for Wrapping (Perhaps mini versions of THESE?)

2. Soap Making Kit with Soap Cubes and Fresh Herbs (Full Soap Making Process is RIGHT HERE!)

3.  Mini Cardmaking Set (See the full project inspiration HERE!)

My other jars included supplies for cheese-making, burlap and lace wrapped votives and bottle cap pushpins.

What crafts do YOU think would fit well in a jar?

The finishing touch?  A tag with basic how-to instructions for each project.

Now the only question is – which friend to gift these jars to?

What can YOU dream up for your crafty friends?

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  1. Annie says

    I would use the clear peanut butter jars for kids – they are plastic so don’t have to worry about breakin and they come in different sizes.

  2. says

    Fabulous ideas zozette!! I’m totally stealing the mosaic kit for my kids! They’d love it! Teresa — you are too funny…I totally hear you about the nightmare buying scenarios though — it can be torture!

  3. Teresa Lee says

    You are a genius! And may I add my new hero~ just saved me a month or two of insanity,& hair pulling (my own). I’ve got a few friends that I go through nightmarish scenarios each year bc, well you said it all in your opening statement:) God Bless You.. Thank You So Much~

  4. says

    I love jars (period). This is a great idea to help me organize my craft room which is in dyer need right now. Also, I love the idea of using an eyelet for the label. Looks so much nicer than just punching a hole to secure it with string. Good ideas here. Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    Those jars are just so cute and they would make the perfect gift! I love how you did the lids, they look great! I really liked the little soaps too and want to check out the tutorial for those – thanks!


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