Mason Jar DIY Storage Containers with Silver Leaf Knobs

I love mason jars.  They are cheap and so versatile.  I create mason jar DIY storage containers around the house to store everything; cereal, screws, hair clips, cotton balls, Q-tips, etc.  I wanted to brighten and add a unique twist to the mason jars I keep in the bathroom by adding silver leafed knobs.  Recently, my sister gave me some old knobs that she removed from a dresser.  I snatched them up knowing exactly what I wanted to do with them.  I’ve never actually silver leafed anything before – it was quite easy, but a bit messy.  So make sure you have a clear work area and a vacuum handy for clean up.

Mason-Jar-DIY-Storage-Containers-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own mason jar DIY storage containers:

DIY-storage-silver-leaf-mason-jar-0.1Spray the knobs all around (top, bottom and sides) with adhesive.  Wait 20 seconds for adhesive to set, and then apply silver leaf onto knob.

silver-leaf-mason-jar-0Take the brush and gently brush away the excess silver leaf.

silver-leaf-mason-jar-1Brush around the entire knob.  If your knob has small details, use a smaller brush to get into the crevices.

silver-leaf-mason-jar-2Apply a protective coat to the knobs and let dry.

silver-leaf-mason-jar-3For the lid of the mason jar, take a hammer and nail and punch a small hole.

silver-leaf-mason-jar-5Using the same process as the knobs, apply spray adhesive and silver leaf to the lid.

silver-leaf-mason-jar5.6Screw the knobs onto mason jar.  I also hot glued the top of the lid to the rim of the jar to make one complete lid.   Repeat for all your mason jar DIY storage containers.

Mason-Jar-DIY-Storage-Containers-Crafts-UnleashedNow you have pretty and unique mason jar DIY storage containers!

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Rena Tang (aka the cheese thief) is a wife, mother, programmer and lover of all things creative. She especially loves to make unique, cute, simple and inexpensive things from everyday items. You can check out her ideas and tutorials at


  1. Barbara macaskill says

    I love this idea! Just picked up a bunch of mason jars so I am all set to give this a try! TFS!

  2. Denise says

    What a wonderful idea….one I have never seen before and I’ve seen soooo many! Thanks! I can’t wait to get started on mine:)


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