How to Make a Dress Form Craft Tape Holder

Do we have any other washi tape hoarders present?  Yes?  Excellent!  Here’s a pretty way to keep all that washi craft tape on display and within easy reach.

Craft-tape-holder-Crafts-UnleashedYou can paint your dress form any color to match your decor, and easily replace the washi tape rolls as you use them up.  Who says tissue paper dolls are only for holding toilet paper? Let’s bring this product into the 21st century!

Dress Form Tape Holder

Supplies needed to make your own washi craft tape holder:

SuppliesStep 1:  Remove the head and arms from the tissue paper doll.  Tape off the bottom with washi tape and apply the texture paste to the body of the doll.  I used a sponge to create texture on the dress form.

Texture PasteStep 2:  Use the wood glue to adhere the doll pin stand to the plaque, and glue the wood doll into the holder.

Washi Tape StandStep 3:  Once the texture paste has dried, paint the dress form.  Paint the base of the doll and the wood base the same color.

Dress Form Washi Tape Holder DIYStep 4:  Glue rhinestones onto the doll to fill the holes where the head and arms were.

Add rhinestonesAssemble your washi craft tape holder by simply sliding the plastic doll onto the clothespin doll.  This makes it easy to remove and replace your craft tape rolls.

Craft-tape-holder-Crafts-Unleashed-3When I need a bit of tape, I simply take it by straight from the holder, spinning the dress form around.  Cute and functional.  I love when my organizational tools double as decor!

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