Fun & Easy Organization For Craft Buttons

Earlier this year, I made a trip to Tulsa for some time away with the hubs and a little crafting fun on the side!  All trips out of town require a little shopping, right?  Well, in a couple of the smaller shops I stopped into, they were using some fabulous button organization for their customer’s ease in shopping.  I loved it!  It looked easy enough and I thought the presentation was fun too.  So, being the crafty DIYer that I am, I knew it was something I had to do.  It was going to be beneficial in my endeavors to keep my work room a little more tidy and organized too.  Eeeks!  Guess what, friends?  I’m going to share my craft buttons organization fun with all of you today!  Yay!

Organizing-craft-buttons-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own craft buttons organization system:supply2

If you’re crafty, you probably have a gazillion craft buttons on hand already — I have an insane love for buttons and probably don’t use them enough in my crafting endeavors, hee-hee.  Show me a jar of vintage buttons and I’ll get all giddy.  Seriously, I’m not sure what it is, but buttons make me happy.  So many colors, shapes and sizes!

Alrighty, now that we have our supplies rounded up, let’s get to work.  In case I haven’t mentioned it, this project is so incredibly easy, I recommend that you don’t blink!  {smile}

Step One:  Sort buttons if necessary.
supplies used. buttons and storage containersStep Two:  Choose a couple of craft buttons to use as your identifier.  These will allow you to know what is in your tube or storage container.
grab your lid and a couple of buttonsStep Three:  Using your glue or glue gun, attach the buttons to the lid.
glue buttons to lidStep Four: Fill your containers with buttons and attach lid.  Continue to do this with all your containers, until your buttons are all stored away in the tubes.  Place them in a basket or box for storage!  You’re officially done and organized to boot!

Organizing-craft-buttons-Crafts-Unleashed-2I used a basket that I could stand my tubes upright or lay on its side.  It’s superb!  I love that my craft buttons are perfectly organized and can be left out because their presentation is cute too!  What do you think?  Happy crafting, sweet friends!

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  1. Donna Weir says

    If you take a darning needle and poke 2 holes through top, you can use a wrapped wire to tread through top and button then twist on the underside to keep button secure. This way if you need that last button on the top it’s not ruined by glue.

  2. Shari says

    Where did you find the tubes for your buttons?
    Some really great ideas that I didn’t think of.
    Happy Crafting!!!!! Shari

  3. says

    Love this idea! I just have a giant tin where all of my buttons are, but it means I have to sort through them to find the colors I want, which is kind of a bummer. :-) Totally pinning this, and I wanted to let you know I featured this on my blog this morning; thanks for sharing it at Creativity Unleashed!

  4. says

    Kelly, this is an awesome idea for storing buttons!! I personally need this because I actually have a lot of buttons and need to them organized! Thanks so much for sharing at Best of the Weekend – pinning & sharing! Hope you are having a (warm) and happy weekend!

  5. JaneEllen says

    Absolutely fantastic idea, love it and it looks great too. What more could we ask. I love ideas like that. I’ll have to look for those long clear tubes. I don’t use my buttons as much as I could/should as I hate to use them when I love the vintage ones I have.
    I went to a yard sale in down town Townsend, Mt years ago and found bunches of vintage buttons in bags, bonanza. Love them, only thing is I hate to use them. just want to keep to look at. I’ve had a thing for older vintage buttons since I was a kid and that’s a long time ago. Several of my Mother’s friends and her sisters had buttons I’d play with by the hour when we’d go visit.
    In May, 2009 I lost my job, was going thru my fabrics looking for something to make something with and that started me out sorting my fabrics, going thru all the carts to organize and label. When I got done with sewing room I proceeded to my craft room, sorted thru everything in room, organized, labeled. Took me weeks to do my buttons and beads. I kept busy all summer cleaning up both rooms and organizing, what a great feeling.
    Think it’s time to do that again, yikes what a mess in both rooms. Only I’ll do the job this winter instead of summer, will keep me busy and occupied all winter I’d be willing to say. My craft room is very small as is my sewing room so it’ll be a job to get it done. I have so many of those iris carts with so much of my stashes in them. They came all the way to CO from KY. I wasn’t parting with my carts on wheels.
    This was a wonderful post and good inspiration to get things done. I’d love to see your button stash.
    Happy New year

  6. ColleenB. says

    What a Great idea and a clever one at that. I used to do Alot of sewing so I have buttons here, there and everywhere. Guess it’s time for me to mine organized as well. :}

  7. RoseJean says

    First off, let me say I love yall’s ideas on here…it was a good day when I first found you thru a post on Facebook. Thanks for all the jewelry ideas especially, my teen granddaughter and I have been making jewelry together for many years (we don’t sell it, just keep for ourselves or give as gifts).
    An idea for the button storage–I for some reason had an idea of hubby using saved prescription medicine bottles for storing his nuts, bolts and screws, etc., that he can never find just the right one when needed; these pill bottles would be great to use for the buttons too.


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