Snowman Craft Kits for Kids

I’ve been waiting for MONTHS to share this snowman kit with you, but alas, snow has simply not come.  We had one tiny sprinkling of snow, but never enough to build snowmen.  You see, this little kit has just been waiting for us to take it outside and build a whole little village of mini-snowmen.  The kids helped me assemble it piece by piece, everyone excitedly watched out the window for days, hoping for a few flakes.  Nada.  No snow.

So instead of putting on sad faces and lamenting the lack of snow, I decided we should use our kits to make some fun little snowmen to go with gingerbread houses this year.  We didn’t have snow, but we DID have monster marshmallows!

These silly little guys are easy to make and easy to customize.  My guy here has kind of a cool vibe with his football shaped eyes, but you can give him a smile with nerds, some buttons with pom poms or any variety of looks with random craft supplies and candies.  Here are the basics:

Supplies needed to make your own snowman craft kits:

I found this travel liquor set at the thrift store for a few pennies and thought it made the perfect “kit” for us to drag around outside to make snowmen.  The pipe cleaners fit the length perfectly, but any case will work.  These pencil boxes would be really cute too!

Directions for Assembling Snowmen:

1. You need to give Mr. Snowman a waist, so nip in the middle of the marshmallow with a little twine or string.

2. Give him arms by snipping off two little pieces of pipe cleaner and pushing them into the marshmallow.

3. Attach the top hat and carrot nose with a little frosting

4. Give him eyes, nose, mouth and other details with candies and  other craft supplies.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

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  1. Morena says

    The tiny top hat is adorable! Seeing as it rarely snows here, the marshmallow man is a great alternative. Thanks for the fun idea!

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