Winter Fairy Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

In our neck of the woods, winter is creeping in fast, and we only have a few days here and there that are warm and sunny. This past week, I wanted to take advantage of one of those pleasant early winter days to plan a winter fairy hunt for the kids. My children are really, really into scavenger hunts and anything where they are searching for clues and prizes, so when I saw the fairy door charms in the ConsumerCrafts catalog, I was sold. To make the game more exciting and to give it a little winter flavor, I decided to use jingle bells as “clues” to the fairy’s location.

Supplies needed to create your own winter fairy scavenger hunt for kids:

The first step was to create the little jingle bell “garlands”.  They are simple and easy enough for the “craft challenged” to complete!


1. Cut burlap into wide strips (about 1″)

2. Measure out about 12-18 inches of jute and tie a jingle bell to the end

3. Move up several inches and add a bow of burlap.

4.  Tie a second jingle bell onto the jute directly above the bow (the bow will hold the bell in place).

5.  Continue with as many bows and bells as you want!

6. Back the entire arrangement with a few sprigs of evergreens cut from the backyard or purchased from the florist.

7.  Secure the sprigs with jute and cover the knots with a final burlap bow.

8. Attach fairy doors to trees and various other hiding spots around the backyard.

9. Hang a garland above or near each fairy door.

Once the doors and garlands are in place, invite the kids outside to play.  They simply listen for the jingle bells and take off once they here the magical tinkling.

Once they find the fairy doors, they open it to find their next clue, a drawing of a fairy or whatever you would like to place inside!

For a few bucks and 30 minutes of effort, the kids were thrilled and engaged, using those last bits of winter sunlight to get some exercise searching for the jingle bell “fairies.”

About Amy Renea

Hey y'all! I'm Amy Renea, a freelance photographer and writer based out of Hershey, PA. I spend my days chasing children and chickens around the back yard, sipping on dandelion tea and munching on sweet potato chips. Come visit the Nest for All Seasons to learn more about my food, photography, DIY designs and modern garden living!


  1. says

    Thanks Morena! JaneEllen – LOVE when I can shop my stash too :) I’d love to see your version when you get it made! Please share!!!

    …and the fairy doors are as fun as they seem…even for adults 😉

    …and a bonus — they are intended to be necklace charms, so after all the fun and games, you can have a new necklace too!

  2. JaneEllen says

    What an ingenious idea and what fun for adults even. This could be done indoors also I would think. Would so love to have some of those fairy doors, they are so cute. So glad you shared this project, can hardly wait to get started on it to use for garlands anywhere. I have lots of bells and jute string and burlap so won’t need to buy anything.That’s the kind of project I love to make. We live out away from stores to buy supplies for craft projects so like something i can make shopping my stash. Happy Thanksgiving.


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