Reusable Summer Bucket List

Reusable Bucket Summer List : A Tried & True project for Crafts UnleashedSummer is coming and those of you with kids are probably already wondering what you’re going to do with them for two whole months. Why not make a Summer Bucket List to make sure you squeeze in all those fun summertime activities? And then in August, as you walk the kids to their first day of school, you can erase the entire list and pack it away to reuse next year

summerbucketlist08smsqSupplies need to make your own reusable summer list:

1. Print out the “Summer Bucket List” Free Printable. Sandwich a piece of  the transfer paper between the chalkboard and printable, use a pencil to trace around the letters.

summerbucketlist04sm2. Lightly trace the transferred outline with your paint pen.

summerbucketlist05sm 3. Use extra fine sandpaper to lightly distress the image. Don’t worry if you sand too much, you can go back over the letters with your paint pen.

summerbucketlist06sm 4. Glue the rusted tin embellishments in place. Remove the black cord that may come with the chalkboard. If thin enough, re-thread the jute through the existing holes. If the holes are too small (like pictured below), just tie two knots at the ends of a strand and glue them in place over the holes.

summerbucketlist07sm5. Once everything is in place, all that’s left to do is come up with your bucket list and enter it in! I used a chalk marker to make it look cleaner but any chalk would do. Don’t forget to season your chalkboard with a layer of chalk before using it the first time though!

summerbucketlist03smHope you all have a wonderfully fun and active Summer!


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