Rainbow Loom – This Year’s Must-have Gift!

The Rainbow Loom and similar products are a super hot kids craft right now. Kids of all ages, both girls AND boys are going crazy over this fun creativity. It’s amazing how many hours we’ve already spent making our own rubber band bracelets!

If you have a teen or preteen on your Christmas list, Rainbow Loom is a must-have gift this year!

Rainbow-loom-bracelets-Crafts-Unleashed-3There are two different kits that I tried. The Rainbow Loom rubber band bracelet kit that comes with a loom, a hook/tool, c-clips and a variety of colored rubber bands. And the Fun Loops kit that comes with a hook/tool, c-clips and a plastic box divided into a variety of colored rubber bands.

The kits work nicely together.

I originally wanted to show you how to use these kits to make some cool bracelets and other jewelry. I took the kits with me while I watched my son play football this passed month and found more and more kids showing up with their own kits. The more I talked with the kids, the more I learned and the more I realized, kids learn a heck of a lot faster than I do! I had an 8 year old schooling me on how to make fish tail bracelets and multi-line bracelets. So I stopped trying to get ahead of the creativity. Every day people are creating new patterns and designs and woven creations with their rubber band jewelry sets. The coolest thing I saw… both boys and girls are loving this creative kids craft set, the all LOVE it!

You can mix and match rubber band colors to create all kinds of themes. We made bracelets for Halloween, Christmas, Winter and even our favorite sports teams.

Grab yourself some extra hook tools and the kids will share, making this a great group craft activity.

One thing I did have a ton of fun with is adding pony beads to our bracelets. It’s simple. As you add your rubber bands to the loom, string the rubber bands through the opening of a pony bead and when you remove the bracelet from the loom, the pony bead will be woven into the bracelet.

You can find all kinds of video tutorials for making your own rainbow loom bracelets and other jewelry.  Experiment by weaving different colors and designs with your loom.

You can also create rubber band bracelets without a loom! Watch this great video:

Play with beads and charms and see what fun jewelry you can create. Make gifts, fan gear, bracelets for school spirit and event charity support. There are so many fun combinations you can create.

Get the Rainbow Loom and all supplies HERE!

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Jen Goode is the owner and “doodler in charge," a Denver based art and design studio. She has been a creative professional since 1996, developing art for a variety of uses in an array of mediums from handmade crafts to Graphic design and illustration. Jen, a designer member of CHA, is a tech savvy, work-at-home mom of 3 who shares her creative inspirations with other moms through her site Projects for Preschoolers and as a featured contributor on various sites throughout the web. Jen's motto is "Inspiring Smiles Every Day."


  1. Teena Turner says

    Our plastic loom part does not have three rows across. It is in an x shape with no points at the end. any instructions for a loom like this?

  2. Michelle says

    Is there more instructions or a name of the pony bead bracelet you posted. I would love to try and make it but can’t figure it out from the pictures.

  3. TINK says

    Both of my youngest are constantly talking about these jewelry makers. One boy and one girl. All of their friends have them. Wish we were able to avg rd getting them each one. They love crafts. They both have sensory issues and these would be great for them.

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