Monster Masks & Fun Kid Collages

Do you ever have an idea but aren’t sure which supplies you need and then when you do try to come up with supplies it just gets complicated? With kids crafts a lot of the supplies can be used in a variety of ways. Also, many of the projects can be created in a variety of ways using different supplies. So today we made some fun masks using many different materials that I think every kid craft box should have on hand all the time….

Monster princess mask
Monster princess mask

Materials we used:

We didn’t pull out the paint, markers, crayons or chalk, but you could if you’d like. We wanted to see if we could make some fun, colorful masks without coloring a single thing. What do you think?

Funny monster mask
Funny monster mask

This is a super easy project to make, here are the how-to details:

  1. Cut the cardboard in the size and shape you’d like.
  2. Carefully cut holes for eyes.
  3. Get out the glue and to go town! Glue on all your different pieces and parts however you like. You can make the curly cork screws from the chenille stems by wrapping them around a pencil. Let the entire thing dry over night and you’re good go to!

Note: If you’d like your mask to be bent or curved, do this before applying all the glue and decorations, otherwise the hard beads and plastic might pop up when trying to bend the cardboard.

Pony bead mask
Pony bead mask


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