DIY Magnetic Fishing Game For Kids

I like to carry things in my purse to keep kids entertained when we are stuck somewhere boring. (Tire shop, anyone?)

This magnetic fishing game is perfect! Everything stays contained in this cute metal tin- and the game appeals to both boys and girls.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-1We like to mix the magnetic fishing game up- sometimes I use a stopwatch and time them “fishing.” Other times I have used it for incentive- by adding sticker numbers to the bottoms of the fish, and having the child pick up that number of toys. (It seem so much funner than Mom barking orders!) However you use your magnetic fishing game- it is a quick and easy one to throw together. You do not need any special tools!

Here is what you will need to create your own magnetic fishing game:supply2

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-11The first thing you will want to do for your magnetic fishing game, is measure your dowel so it will fit inside your tin. I just marked with a pencil where I needed to trim the dowel.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-2Then I used some pliers to trim the dowel. It left a jagged edge on the end of the dowel. I used a piece of sand paper to gently level and smooth the end of the dowel.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-3Using a pair of heavy duty scissors, eyeball about a 1/2 inch down from the end of your dowel, and create a groove. Clamp the dowel in your scissors, and twist the dowel a few times to make the groove.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-4This will create a nice gutter for your twine to stay put!

Measure off a length of baker’s twine. I used about 18″. I wanted enough line for a toddler to stand. You can always wind the twine up on the pole to make the line shorter.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-5Then you are ready to add your jewelry clasp magnet. These things are PERFECT for this magnetic fishing game. They come with a loop already attached, and the magnet is a very strong one.

Simply tie it to the end of your line.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-6If you want to “cute” your pole up, add a strip of washi tape to the dowel.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-85/8″ washi tape was a perfect size to fit the circumference of the dowel.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-9On to the fish!

This is the easiest thing ever! The fish in this sticker set are already cut, layered and blinged out with rhinestone eyes. We just need to make them magnetic.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-10All you need to do is peel up the first layer of the fish, and slip a paper clip in there. :)

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-11Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-12Easy, right? On the smallest fish in the package, I used smaller paper clips. The other fish got the large paper clips.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-13On some of the fish- I added a glob of hot glue to secure it better. Most of them stuck back down with the adhesive that already came on the fish stickers. This magnetic fishing game would be a great project for little hand to help assemble.

Keep in mind these are meant to be stickers- so we have a pesky sticky back on the fish  that we need to take care of.

Remove the sticker backing on the fish.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-14Adhere the sticky fish to the reverse side of some printed tissue paper.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-15Tissue paper will cover up the sticky area, but not add extra weight to the fish.

Cut around the fish.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-16And your little fish are ready to be caught!

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-17I used some Mod Podge to add a printed scrap of paper to the top of my tin- and washi tape on the sides of the tin to finish it off.

Magnetic-fishing-game-Crafts-Unleashed-18Now you are O”fish” ally done!

This magnetic fishing game is fun project that will get lots of use.


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  1. katie says

    Do the clasps in that link come as three sets? I would love to make this for a gift this year, it’s such a great idea! But I have a few kiddos to make them for. :)

    • Shaunte says

      @katie- the package comes with three sets- or six magnets (they are made for jewelry, to clasp two ends together) you need only one magnet for each fishing game, so one package of magnets will make six fishing games. HTH! Have fun! This was one of my “greatest hits” with my little ones. :)


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