Handmade Christmas Ornaments with Colorful Wax Paper Butterflies

I love making handmade Christmas ornaments, but most of all I love making them with my family.  It’s just so therapeutic sitting down and making something for the holidays, instead of going to the busy malls and fighting for goods.

I’ll show you this fun craft you can do with your kids for Christmas.

Supplies needed to make your own handmade Christmas ornaments:

Using crayons, color a sheet of wax paper.  Use as many colors as you would like and go over multiple times to get a nice coat of crayon on the paper.

(Optional) Fold paper in half and iron (on low setting for 3o seconds) wax paper between two sheets of regular typewriter paper (or any paper, you just want to protect your iron and ironing board).  This will melt the crayon a little and blend the colors.  If you are working with young children you could skip this step.

Wait for wax paper to cool and punch out butterfly shape.  Use a needle and thread to string the butterfly through.

Slip the butterfly into the ornament and hang from the topper by tying a knot.

Hang your ornament on your tree.

About Rena

Rena Tang (aka the cheese thief) is a wife, mother, programmer and lover of all things creative. She especially loves to make unique, cute, simple and inexpensive things from everyday items. You can check out her ideas and tutorials at thecheesethief.com.


  1. Nola Ingle says

    Great job. I make placemats for Thanksgiving with wax paper. Collect colored leaves and put them between two sheets of wax paper and iron them together. The wax paper also makes you iron move over your clothes afterward. Your butterflys are charming and beautiful .Nola

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