Princess and Knight Lollipop Valentines

Valentine’s Day is such a fun one for the kidlets. I remember being BEYOND excited to dump out my envelope of goodies. I couldn’t wait to see what my classmates had “mailed” to me.

And can you imagine how you would have felt if a lollipop dressed up like a princess or a knight was waiting for you in your Valentine’s pocket? Oh yeah. It would be that awesome.

Lollipop-Valentines-Crafts-UnleashedAnd what better way to prolong the Valentine’s excitement than to craft your own Valentines? I came up with these easy and super cute Princess and Knight lollipops and love how they turned out!

Supplies needed to make your own Princess & Knight lollipop Valentines:supply2

Lollipops for Valentines - Suburble.comTo make the Princess Lollipop Valentine:

Wrap the lollipop in two layers of white tissue paper. Attach it with a rubber band and trim the excess from the body (just so it’s tighter to the lollipop stick).

Lollipop Valentine - Wrapping in tissue paper - Suburble.comCut about ten pieces of yarn at about 3 inch lengths. Place a glue dot on the “head” of the lollipop and attach the yarn.

Lollipop Valentines - Hair for the princess- Suburble.comUsing the diamond edge paper punch, punch a length of crown about two and a half inches long.

Crown Paper Punch - Suburble.comCut the crown from the cardstock and attach it to the lollipop with a glue dot at the back of the Princess’s head.

Lollipop Valentines - Crown for Princess - Suburble.comShe’s already becoming a little character!

Fold a piece of square cardstock so you have four triangles. Cut along the folds. Use one triangle for the Princess’s body. Bring the points on the left and right of the triangle in to create the “clothes” for your Princess.

Valentine's Lollipops - Making the Body - Suburble.comUsing a glue dot on the lollipop stick and in between the two layers of cardstock, attach the princess’s body.

Lollipop Valentine - The Princess - Suburble.comUsing a black marker (and maintain a gentle touch – the tissue paper wants to absorb the marker!), paint on a happy little Princess face.

If you’d like to add a bit of flair to the Princess’s costume (I was inspired by the Queen of Hearts here), you can use the printable shield and heart embellishments. The Princess’s hearts can be downloaded here.

Knight and Princess Lollipop Valentines - Suburble.comYou’ll see that the knight also got his own fancy little shield.

This is how you create your own Lollipop Knight in Shining Armour:

Wrap the lollipop in silver tissue paper and secure with a rubber band.

Lollipop Valentines - The Knight's Tissue Paper - Suburble.comUse the decorative stripes paper punch to punch out a line along a sheet of grey cardstock. Cut two inch and half long pieces and crease them at their centers.

Lollipop Valentines - The Knight's Facemask - Suburble.comAfter putting glue dots on either side of the lollipop, attach the Knight’s face shield. 

Lollipop Valentines - Knight's Assembly -“Heya fella, slayed any Dragons lately?”

And in the same way that the Princess’s body was created, do the same for the knight, but out of grey cardstock.

Oh my, aren’t they so cute already?

Lollipop Valentines - Knight and Princess - Suburble.comIf you like the look of the heart and shield, download the two printable sheets for your own Valentines: Princess Hearts and Knight’s Shield.

I printed them onto white cardstock and then cut them out by hand. With the quick placement of a glue dot, the Valentines are complete!

Lollipop Valentines - Suburble.comThe backs of the Princess and Knight’s capes can be personalized with a “From” or a greeting. They’re now ready to be slipped into an envelope decorated in doilies and cutout hearts!

Lollipop-Valentines-Crafts-Unleashed-2Valentines fit for a princess… and a treat for a valiant knight!

This is a project you can tackle yourself, or you can easily get little hands involved as well.

(And watch out… dragons are everywhere!) 

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