Candy Cane Inspired DIY Christmas Frame

We love to make all kinds of things with air dry clay in my house, including making gifts and decor. So today I’m showing you how to make a little candy cane inspired Christmas frame. These are simple DIY decor projects that your kids can help make too! You can use this little Christmas frame to decorate for the holidays or even turn into ornaments and give as gifts. I used big red glitter to add color and sparkle, but you can also use paint to decorate your clay frame.

Candy-cane-Christmas-frame-crafts-unleashedSupplies needed to make your own candy cane Christmas Frame:supply2

Roll out 8 equal sized clay “snakes.” The length will depend on the size frame you would like. Twist two pieces of clay together. Repeat until you have 4 finished twists.

Make clay twists for each side of the DIY picture frameAttach the twists together at the corners and trim the edges. Set aside to dry overnight – make sure it is completely dry before decorating.

Make 4 more small clay snakes and roll into 4 circles. These will be the corner mint candies for your DIY picture frame. Again, set aside and allow to dry thoroughly.

Once the clay was dry, I found I needed to apply some glue to the corners of the frame to hold the 4 sides in place a little better. Using a small paint brush, apply Mod Podge to one of the lines on the twist, following the same clay piece to the end. Sprinkle red glitter and allow to dry. I found it was easiest to apply a bit of Mod Podge, sprinkle glitter, and repeat until the entire line was finished. Otherwise, the Mod Podge dries before the glitter is applied.

Attach the twists to make a framePaint the green mint candy circles using green and white paint. To make a swirl with paint, apply different colors when paint is wet.

I painted the white, applied green before the white dried, and then applied a little bit of white again in a fine line.  Sprinkle with fine white glitter to add a little sparkle.

To make a swirl with paint, apply different colors when paint is wetGlue the mint candies to the corners of the frame.

Add glitter and color to your clay frameYou can stop here and simply add a photo or art to the back of the frame. Or you can make a faux canvas box to attach your Christmas frame to.

To make the faux canvas box, use the white card stock and create a box the size of your clay Christmas frame. Adhere the frame to the front of the box, leaving the bottom loose so you can add your photo or art as desired.

Make a faux canvas using white card stockYou can also make a stand for your Christmas frame using the air dry clay! Here’s how mine turned out:

Make a stand for your frame using air dry clayYou can make more shapes with your candy cane twists. Try making a circle frame ornament or little candy cane decorations. The air dry clay is easy to use so the kids will love it and the glitter adds just the right amount of holiday sparkle. Your candy cane frames will be a perfect family holiday project!

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