Thread Wrapped Safety Pins

Recently, while browsing through a Martha Stewart magazine, I was inspired to have some crafty fun with thread, yarn and safety pins!  Seems like an odd combination, right?  Well, the safety pin might seem very basic in nature, but can be transformed into many different uses — one being these lovely thread wrapped safety pins.

Thread-Wrapped-Safety-Pins-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make you own thread wrapped safety pins:supply2

There are really only two steps, so don’t blink {giggle}.

Step One: As you can see, I used the coil-less safety pin.  Knot your thread around the pin.   You’re going to want to leave approximately 1/2″ of thread and glue it to the pin.  Begin to tightly wind the thread around the pin,  covering the small amount of thread you glued down.

Starting to wrap the saftey pin copyStep Two: Continue to wrap until you’ve reached your desired length.  To finish, knot your thread, cut off a small tail and dab with glue.

Note:  To change colors, you’ll simply knot your thread and glue any excess down and repeat Steps One and Two.

Finishing up warpping the pin copyFor mine, I used the Variegated Hemp Cord in Cool River Colors, the Sew Easy Embroidery Floss in Reds and Black and White Twist Bakers Twine.  They turned out pretty cute, right?

Thread-Wrapped-Safety-Pins-Crafts-Unleashed-2Are you asking yourself, “What do you do with them?”  Well, what about using one to close a chunky sweater or to clip your scarf.  I love the idea of adding a little eclectic love to a key chain too.  Add a little pop of color in style to a jacket, sweater, or bag.  You could even seal this Felt Envelope with one too!

Thread-Wrapped-Safety-Pins-Crafts-Unleashed-1What type of thread would you use?  And what colors would you use?

Sooooo many possibilities!  Happy Crafting, friends!

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  1. Amanda says

    I remember using seed beads on safety pins when I was a kid. This is like a new twist on an old idea. Great idea. I can get my students Doing these

  2. RoseJean says

    I like these and it is nice seeing some of the older techniques coming back…I picture this with a charm dangling in the middle, some old looking….

  3. Kris says

    love them! i definately want to make some for a couple coats. GREAT tutorial and pics. thanks so much for sharing. :)

  4. JaneEllen says

    So cute Kelly. Haven’t seen this done in long time. I’ve noticed several older craft techniques are coming back like what you did here and nail string art to name just a couple. I’m old enuf to remember lots of old techniques. You did great job. Could add a bead or two on the curve also to dress it up. Happy week


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