Easy Rhinestone-Studded DIY Hair Accessories

Some days, you want something more glamorous for your hair than a plain old bobby pin. For those times, you can make these easy rhinestone-studded DIY hair accessories. This was really simple to make, and is also something that would make a great gift!  

01-heroI think these hair clips would be a great option for Christmas presents for all the girls on your list. Gather up a bunch of supplies and you’ll have a nice portion checked off your list and ready in one day! So what do you say – let’s get started!

Supplies needed to make your own rhinestone-studded DIY hair accessories:

Optional (for gift-giving):

The bobby pins come packaged on a plastic card. Take two of the bobby pins and push them together on the card. Remove all the others.
02Use your craft stick to apply a layer of glue all along the length of both bobby pins. You will be gluing them together so they act as one. Using your pliers, pick up a rhinestone and carefully place it on the bobby pins.

03Firmly hold it down for a few seconds before placing the next one.

04Continue placing the rhinestones until you cover the entire surface of the bobby pin.
05Wait a couple hours for the glue to dry before removing the clip from the plastic holder. It’s now ready to wear!

It’s easy to package up your DIY hair accessories for gift giving, too!
Simply take a piece of cardstock and cut a small slit on one side of it. You can dress the cardstock up by lining an edge with a piece of washi tape. Slip the clip onto the cardstock, and pack it into one of these adorable polka dot envelopes.
Easy Rhinestone-Studded DIY Hair Accessories



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