Plastic Canvas Challenge: Rhinestone Bow Bracelet & Necklace

When the Plastic Canvas Challenge gauntlet was first thrown, I leafed through countless Etsy searches and Pins. My mission? To find a great vintage jewelry design that I could recreate in plastic canvas. As a huge fan of old jewelry, I thought of it as the perfect way for me to embrace the “granny” in this traditional “granny craft.”

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAFinally, it hit me:  Rhinestone cup chain is spaced out as regularly as the holes in plastic canvas, so there should be some way to use the two together… right?  To my delight, I discovered that 2.5mm cup chain and 7 mesh plastic canvas go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Supplies needed to make your own black Rhinestone Bow Bracelet & Necklace:

Making the Rhinestone Bows:

For both pieces of jewelry, the rhinestone bow was made the same way.  I’ll give you the exact measurements for my project, but feel free to use a different rhinestone focal – or even replace that with something like grosgrain ribbon – and adapt the sizes accordingly. First, cut a 29 x 3 square piece of black 7 mesh plastic canvas.

Cutting Plastic CanvasRun your finger down the edges you just cut. If you feel a few little bumps, that’s fine. If they feel more like snags, go ahead and trim them down with your scissors.

Using your wire cutters, cut (6) 8-stone lengths of black cup chain. This will give you enough stones so that the top and sides of the bow will be covered.

Cutting Rhinestone ChainWorking from the back and starting from the end, push the rhinestone cup chain through the plastic mesh. (I just used my fingernails.) It was tough to get a good picture of this step! The photo below shows one row finished and the second row in process, with 3 stones pushed in:

Pushing in the Rhinestone ChainAs you go, you will notice that the end stones go through the mesh and stick out a little. You will also see that the plastic mesh starts to bend when the cup chain is added. These will both work to our advantage in the bow design.

Plastic Canvas CurveNow it’s time to add the center rhinestone. I tried .8mm black stretchy cord, nylon monofilament and flexible beading wire for this part. The photos below show the monofilament (like fishing line) because that showed up best in photos. It was a little easier to work with, but the black stretchy cord gave a nicer finished look.

Step 1: Cut two pieces of cord (about 6 inches each) and slide on the rhinestone slider bead. Thread the 2 cords from the left through the top and bottom squares of your plastic canvas piece:

Adding Rhinestone Slider Bead Step 1Step 2: Thread the cords on the right side of the center rhinestone through the top and bottom squares on the other end of the plastic canvas piece:

Adding Rhinestone Slider Bead Step 2Step 3: In between the rhinestone rows are 13 open plastic canvas squares. Counting six in from either side, bring the cords through the top and bottom squares:

Adding Rhinestone Slider Bead Step 3Step 4: Pulling the cords tight, tie two together:

Adding Rhinestone Slider Bead Step 4Step 5: And then tie the other two cords together:

Adding Rhinestone Slider Bead Step 5I threaded the cords back through the plastic canvas and snipped them off on the inside. Voila! A plastic canvas rhinestone bow:

Adding Rhinestone Slider Bead Step 6Making the Rhinestone Bow Bracelet and Rhinestone Bow Necklace:

To finish the rhinestone bow bracelet, I used stretchy cord and rhinestone slider beads…

Rhinestone Bow Bracelet Band…to create a quick and easy band:

Rhinestone Bow Bracelet FinishedTo finish the necklace, I added a chain to the rhinestone bow via jump rings inserted into the plastic canvas squares on the back:

Adding Jump Rings to the Rhinestone Bow NecklaceOverall, this was a pretty quick and easy project. I kind of feel like I “cheated” on the Plastic Canvas Challenge, because I definitely didn’t put in as much time as a few of our other bloggers did. But I have to say that I loved using this material in a different way – and I love the way the rhinestone bow bracelet and necklace turned out!

DIY Rhinestone Bow Bracelet - Crafts Unleashed


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    • Kim M says

      Thanks, Morena! It was fun to do… I just wish the photos showed how sparkly it is in real life. My photography skills need some work for sure. :-)


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