Quick & Easy Tassel Necklace

Tassels are such a classic accessory. They are always in style, in some form or another – on keychains, purses, clothing, jewelry, and home decor. Although you can make your own, ConsumerCrafts has some ready-made tassels that are just perfect for making a quick and easy necklace. Let’s get started!

Easy-Tassel-necklace-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own tassel necklace:supply2

DIY-Necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-01Step 1: You will need a piece of the larger chain to create the focal point of the necklace. The length is up to you – 7 inches seemed to work for me. Measure your length and then use pliers and your fingers to open a link, freeing the 7 inches of chain.DIY-Necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-02Step 2: Find the middle point of the chain. Using a jump ring, attach a tassel to the chain.DIY-Necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-03Tip: You can use your fingers to open and close jump rings but it will be much easier and more precise with jewelry pliers.DIY-Necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-04Step 3: Starting from the middle tassel, skip two chain links on either side and add the alternate color tassel. DIY-Necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-05Step 4: Keep skipping two chain links and adding a tassel until you are out of the alternate color.DIY-Necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-06Step 5: Now you will go back and add the original colors. In between the gray tassels, secure a brown tassel. I also added brown tassels on either end of the grays. This should create a crowding effect, pushing the brown tassels up so you get a 3D, jumbled look.DIY-Necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-07Step 6: Using jump rings, attach a long piece of the small chain to the large chain focal piece. This way the finer chain will hang around your neck and the bulky chain is only used for the focal piece. Not only do I like how this looks, it is much lighter than using the big chain for the entire necklace.Tassel Necklace14See how easy that was?

Easy-Tassel-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-1I think this necklace proves that you can tweak a classic to fit any style. The bright silver contrasts the suede fringe to create a modern, eclectic style.

Easy-Tassel-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-2Do you have any crafty ideas for these tassels?

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  1. guenice says

    wow! when i first looked at it, it seemed difficult..but hey! its just simple..hehe..thanks for sharing, for the tips , steps and pics..really love it katie! gonna make !

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